What to Look Out for When Buying a Motorcycle Helmet

What to Look Out for When Buying a Motorcycle Helmet

Riding a motorcycle without a helmet is incredibly dangerous. Motorcyclists already have a higher chance of sustaining life-threatening injuries or being involved in fatal accidents, and not wearing a helmet increases those risks. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reported that motorcycle helmets are about 67 percent effective in preventing brain injuries. Wearing a motorcycle helmet could save your life. The CDC reported that in 2016, helmets saved about 1,859 lives. All motorcyclists should invest in a quality helmet.

Motorcycle Helmet Features 

Many different factors create a quality helmet. Once you have decided on the type of helmet that you want to purchase, you need to consider the different features that make them all unique. Listed below are some different features to consider when buying a motorcycle helmet.

Thick Liner- You want to make sure that the liner of your helmet is thick enough to absorb a lot of the impact during a crash. The liner should feel sturdy and strong. There should be at least an inch of padding to ensure you have enough protection inside your helmet. The more padding you have, the more protected your head will be. 

DOT Sticker- If a helmet has a DOT sticker, this means they meet all of the safety standards of the Department of Transportation. These helmets will be the most reliable since they are checked by the Department of Transportation. It is important to be aware of fake DOT stickers as well when you are shopping. It is smart to check other characteristics of your helmet to ensure it has a legit DOT sticker. 

Manufacturers Label- This label is important because it shows a level of reliability. These labels will be glued on the inside of the helmet. The label will list key details about the helmet such as the materials used and the manufacture date.

Chinstrap- Chinstraps are important because they keep the helmet secure and in the correct place. They also protect the motorcyclist’s jaw and face in the event of an accident.

Fit and Weight- Motorcycle helmets should fit snug and match the size and shape of a motorcyclist’s head. You want the helmet to stay in place in the event of an accident. They should also weigh about three pounds to ensure they are sturdy enough and will stay in place.

Finding An Arizona Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycles and Drunk Drivers in Arizona

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