What Causes Canine Aggression?

What Causes Canine Aggression?

Animals, including our pets, can be unpredictable at times. Even the calmest sweetest pet can have his moment.  In dogs, there is a range of reasons why they may behave in a hostile or aggressive manner. Growling, the hair on their back rises, showing teeth these are all visible signs that a dog is not happy with the situation or individual they are confronted with. 

In any situation with any dog, aggression can be dangerous. An unsettled dog is always at risk of attacking. Dog attacks leave victims with both physical trauma and emotional distress. If you have been bitten by a dog you can pursue compensation to recoup your medical and incidental costs from the dog’s owner. A qualified Arizona dog bite injury attorney can help you with this type of claim.

What Are The Causes Of Canine Aggression?

If a dog owner understands the underlying cause of their pet’s behavior there stands a better chance of stopping it. Listed below are potential causes for canine aggression:

  • A dog who is suffering from pain due to injury or one that is ill can become hostile. Pain and discomfort in animals are very stressful for them. They cannot process these feelings the way humans can so they often resort to aggression. 
  • When a dog is in fear and they don’t think they can escape their situation aggression will be the way they combat these uncomfortable feelings.
  • Some dogs are possessive of their items like toys, their home, their bed, etc. When someone approaches these items a dog can respond aggressively in an attempt to guard their turf. 
  • When dogs are challenged they may use aggression to take control and assert their dominance.

Where Can You Find A Dog Bite Attorney In Arizona?

What Causes Canine AggressionDog owners must be cognizant of their pets and be aware if they pose a risk to others. If there is a sudden change in your pet’s behavior they could be ill. It’s recommended to see your vet and have them checked. Your vet can provide treatment, medicines, and recommendations for the health and welfare of your pet. 

If there is no health issue causing your pet’s hostile attitude you can at least take it off your list. This will help you narrow other factors that could be behind their behavior. You may need to enlist the help of experienced canine professionals to guide you with corrective training.

After you have been bitten by a dog the Phoenix serious injury attorneys at ELG will help you with your personal injury claim. We can examine your situation and advise you on your best options to gain compensation for your damages. It can be a difficult task finding the right strategy for helping you see your full legal justice. You have rights and they deserve to be protected. The resourceful attorneys at ELG will see to it that they are.

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