Understanding the Dangers of Distracted Driving in Arizona

Understanding the Dangers of Distracted Driving in Arizona

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicate that distracted driving can fall into any of the following three categories:

  • Visual: when you are not looking at the road
  • Manual: when your hands are not on the wheel
  • Cognitive: when your mind is not paying attention to driving

Think about how many things can occupy your mind, your sight, and your hands which will distract you from the important task of safely operating your vehicle. Distracted driving is so common that many cities and states have taken proactive steps to try to reduce it. One of the most notorious ways that drivers in modern times are heavily distracted is by using their smartphones. Because of this bans on drivers having their phones in their hands have swept the nation. A driver who is texting is 23 times more likely to get into an accident.

Why Distracted Driving Is So Dangerous

There are 3 million accident injuries in the country every year. Every day 9 people will lose their life related to a distracted driving accident. Distracted driving is a factor in approximately 1 in 5 injury crashes nationwide. It is understandable how these statistics are true. When you are using your phone while driving, a very common practice, you reduce your brain’s ability to focus on the act of driving by 37%.

According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS), there were 309,654 stops over 9 months in the state directly related to the many types of distracted driving behaviors. The behaviors that warranted authorities to pull over drivers throughout the state included:

  1. Putting on makeup and general grooming
  2. Communicating with other occupants of the vehicle
  3. Smoking or use of tobacco
  4. Reading
  5. Using mobile devices other than cell phones, such as iPads and laptops
  6. Drinking and eating, particularly the consumption of alcohol while driving
  7. Using equipment within the vehicle such as a GPS or radio
  8. Reaching for items within the vehicle
  9. Distractions outside the vehicle

The good news is that you don’t have to engage in distracted driving. Accidents as a result of distracted driving are avoidable. Here are some tips to help you avoid distractions in your car:

  • Keep snacks, games, and activities close to your children so that they can access them. This keeps you from turning around and away from the road to give them something they need.
  • Always pull over if there is an issue that cannot be resolved without you taking your hands or eyes off of the wheel.
  • Put your smartphone out of reach when you are in the car so that even if you are tempted, you cannot get to it. If you really need to make a text or a call, find a safe space far away from the road to pull over. Parking lots are excellent if you are that has them.
  • Don’t’ drive when you are tired.
  • If your car has voice controls get used to using them instead of manually making adjustments.
  • Don’t focus on anything but driving, don’t have your dinner on the road, don’t prep your makeup, and you don’t have to read that file from your office until you get home.

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