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Tucson, AZ – Edgard Sotelo Seriously Injured in Hit-and-Run Wreck at Alvernon Way

Tucson, AZ - Edgard Sotelo Seriously Injured in Hit-and-Run Wreck at Alvernon Way

Tucson, AZ (January 3, 2020) – Police have released further details after a man was seriously injured in a hit-and-run accident on New Year’s Eve.

Officers from the Tucson Police Department say that Edgard Sotelo is hoping someone will come forward with information after a hit-and-run sent him to the hospital on December 31st. Authorities say that Sotelo was stopped at a red light on Drexel Road and Alvernon Way around 8:20 p.m. when another car rear-ended him and sped off. Sotelo said that he lost consciousness and another driver stopped to check on him but didn’t see the car involved in the crash. He needed four staples in his head after the crash and can’t remember much after the accident.

The Tucson Police Department responded to the scene and took a report. Officers said they checked with a business in the area to see if a camera caught the wreck on video but had no luck. The accident remains under investigation.

Our thoughts go out to Edgard Sotelo in hopes of a full recovery.

Hit-and-Run Accidents in Arizona 

Tucson, AZ - Edgard Sotelo Seriously Injured in Hit-and-Run Wreck at Alvernon WayEach year in Arizona, there are several hit-and-run incidents. In fact, recent data show that 800,000 hit-and-run crashes occurred annually across the entire country, mostly due to unlicensed, impaired, or otherwise reckless drivers. When motorists have caused an injurious or deadly accident, they may flee the scene to avoid legal consequences.

When it comes to hit-and-run accidents, victims and their families should speak with a knowledgeable car accident attorney in Arizona after they’ve suffered in a wreck that occurred through no fault of their own.

Our attorneys at ELG Law are fully committed to helping those who have suffered injuries or lost a loved one at the hands of a negligent driver. Thanks to years of experience and unmatched compassion handling these cases, our accident attorneys have come to the aid of thousands of injured victims. Our lawyers go above and beyond in securing the settlements that victims and their families deserve. If you have been harmed by an at-fault party, please contact us for legal advice and a free consultation at (623) 562-3838.

Note: As a result of the secondary sources that were used to complete this post, the information included within has not been independently verified by our own staff and may include misinformation. If you read something that, to your knowledge, is incorrect, please contact us as soon as possible and we will correct the inaccuracy.

Disclaimer: As members of the local Phoenix and broader Arizona community, we hope everyone in our community is safe and protected. We cover the events included in this blog as a way to offer support to the victims in similar circumstances and to provide relief during these difficult times. However, this information should not be misconstrued as legal advice, and you should speak with a trained legal professional for more information regarding your situation.

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