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Tips to Stay Safe Driving in the Arizona Desert

Driving in the desert may seem easy and no problem at all for locals, but for anyone who isn’t familiar with this rugged environment, there are serious challenges that need to be considered. If desert traveling is foreign to you, check out the following tips to keep you safe on the roads should you find yourself driving about in the Arizona desert.

Safe Desert Driving Tips:

The natural scenery is gorgeous in Arizona, it is easy to get taken away with your surroundings. For how beautiful it is, it is also quite dangerous especially if you are unprepared. Listed below are some helpful tips to utilize when you are driving in the Arizona desert:

  • The summertime is extremely rough in the desert with excessively high temperatures making traveling a challenge. If you aren’t good with heat, the summer is not the time to explore the cactus and dunes. If you are unable to avoid passing through the desert to get to your destination, make sure you stay on well-maintained roads like freeways and always make sure you are driving in a vehicle that has reliable air conditioning.
  • Generously pack the H2O so that you and anyone who you are driving with will have plenty of hydration to turn to should you have the unfortunate incidence of getting stranded in this hot, demanding environment. Our bodies need water to survive and while you are waiting for help or doing a fix, you will lose quite a bit in sweat. Staying hydrated with plenty of water will help your body regulate temperature to keep you safe during a car breakdown. One gallon of water per person is a good estimate and having enough for three days worth per person will be the difference between life and death.
  • Your car’s radiator also needs water, so make sure you have additional water for your car’s functioning. The cooling system, especially in older vehicles can be easily strained in the extreme conditions the desert will throw at you. Monitor your radiator temperature and also your coolant level so you can stay on top of your vehicle’s optimal functioning.
  • Do yourself a favor and don’t drive a jalopy in the desert. Desert driving is serious business, especially in the hot summer months. You can be as prepared as you want but if you are driving an unreliable car that is prone to breakdowns, you are going to be putting yourself in a vulnerable situation.
  • Always have GPS or maps in case you get lost.
  • Obey the rules of the road, don’t drive excessively fast even though some of the open desert roads are so inticing, speed is a leading cause for automobile accidents. On windy roads, speed can be a recipe for disaster. If you are hit by another driver on the road, make sure that you obtain effective legal representation by way of an Arizona automobile accident attorney who will best represent your interests.

Arizona Personal Injury Lawyers The Care About Victims’ Rights

Tips To Stay Safe Driving In The Arizona DesertThe Phoenix serious injury lawyers at ELG care about the residents of our state as well as the visitors passing through. We will defend your legal rights and fight so that you see a fair settlement after you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault in the state of Arizona. 

Call ELG today to speak with one of our talented and caring attorneys about your accident experience during a free consultation at either our Phoenix or Mesa personal injury law offices at 623-562-3838. 

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