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Tips from a Legal Professional on How to Manage Insurance Companies

Tips From A Legal Professional On How to Manage Insurance Companies

Injuries from an accident are stressful and overwhelming for the victim.  It is important that victims document their injuries and medical treatment as well as take pictures of the actual bodily damages.  This information provides substantial evidence which supports their claims and can get the highest amount of compensation to help pay for their recovery.  

After you have contacted the insurance company to file a report, you will have an adjuster assigned to your case.  This individual will collect information about the accident. Details they are going to ask you will include who was involved in the accident, information about your injuries, information on property damages, and how the accident happened.

Providing these details to an insurance company can be detrimental to your case.  The adjuster will try to extract any information they can to distort your experience and find ways to save money by reducing your compensation or dismissing your claim altogether.  For this reason, enlisting the help of an experienced Arizona personal injury lawyer is essential to ensuring your case is strong and you can obtain your full amount of compensation. You don’t have to speak to the insurance company and provide them with any information. It is highly advisable to wait until you have representation by a legal professional who is guiding you before you say anything.

Tips and Guidance

Never Minimize Injury

It is natural to downplay injuries in an attempt to seem fair and just, but when you have been injured, you need the resources to help you recover. Minimizing the impact the accident has had on your physical health could reduce the amount you receive to help you with your recovery efforts.

Don’t Allow Recordings

Tips From A Legal Professional On How to Manage Insurance CompaniesA tactic to find inconsistencies with your statements that insurance companies will use is to record your conversation and answers to their questions.  Don’t let them put you in a corner. They have to inform you if they are going to be recording, and you must provide consent to be recorded.  You have the right to politely refuse to have your conversation recorded.

Never Submit Written Statements Alone

You do not have to submit a written statement to an insurance company who will surely try to get one from you.  Only after you have been advised by your personal injury lawyer should you ever provide an official statement. If you have not enlisted help from a legal professional, do not submit to this request.

Have A Legal Professional Speak On Your Behalf

When you are injured you need to have the strongest case possible and insurance companies are going to try to get as much out of you alone as they can.  Don’t allow them to sabotage your claim. You don’t have to speak to them at all. You can have your personal injury attorney be your spokesperson so that you are ensured your best interests are being taken care of.

Don’t Take the First Offer

Insurance companies are looking to minimize costs and close open cases.  This often means that you will not be given the best offer at first. If you sign off on it, however, you will lose the ability to request additional compensation in the future.  To ensure you are accepting the highest amount of compensation needed, you should enlist the backing of a personal injury attorney to support you. This legal professional will review the numbers and ensure that the settlement you accept is the right one for your situation.

Personal Injury Attorneys in Arizona

The Phoenix serious injury accident attorneys at ELG can answer all your questions and guide you through the process of your personal injury claim.  Call our team of experienced and compassionate Arizona personal injury attorneys today at 623-562-3838 to schedule a free consultation at a time convenient for your schedule.

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