The Legal Importance Of Pool Safety In Arizona

The Legal Importance Of Pool Safety In Arizona

Depending on the source of the information, Phoenix, is reported as having roughly 8 inches of rainfall per year and an average temperature that can reach as high as 104 degrees in July. It can be hard to stay cool in this kind of climate and many of us turn to swimming pools in order to beat the heat. Having your own pool or a neighbor’s pool to dive into can certainly provide a welcome reprieve from nature, but pools can also pose a risk of injury or drowning if not maintained properly or used safely. Here are some tips to make sure your pool is safe for you and anyone else who wants to take a dip.

Be Aware Of Children Near A Pool

This should be your primary area of concern, not just if you have children yourself, but if there are children in or around your area. It’s possible for a property owner to be held liable for injuries to a child, even if the child is trespassing if it is injured in an unguarded pool. That is to say, if the pool is not fenced off, or some type of barrier is not placed around it and a child wanders into it, the property owner may be found negligent for not putting in appropriate safeguards. And if you do have your own children or other parent’s children that have been invited to swim, they should be under constant supervision. When it comes to a risk of drowning, every second counts. Even if a child is just near the water, they should be supervised and within an arm’s reach.

Ensure Proper Pool Maintenance

If you have an in-ground pool, there are a number of things both in and around it that you should always be monitoring for safety purposes. One of them is the surface area around the pool. If there is any cracked tile or brick surface surrounding the pool that could cause someone to slip, fall, or trip, ensure that it’s fixed and secure. Additionally, make sure that all ladders, diving boards, or any other entrance and exit into the pool are in proper repair. Diving boards should also only be placed in areas where the water is deep enough for a diver to enter the water without hitting the bottom of the pool.

Be Aware Of Pool Drains

While this largely relates to children, it can apply to adults too. Pool drains can create powerful suctions that can trap a person over the drain hole. All drains should have an appropriate cover over them that can help reduce the amount of suction if someone swims too close to it. Additionally, shut off switches for the filter system should be easily accessible in the event that someone does get trapped, and the vacuum can be turned off. Sadly, children have died from these drains in the past, and they can still pose a danger if the drains are not properly covered. If you or one of your children has been injured in such an accident, you may want to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney.

Injured In A Pool In Phoenix? Contact ELG Law.

You can do everything in your power to ensure the safety of your own pool, but when it comes to pools on other people’s property or public ones, you can find yourself at the mercy of other people’s care, or carelessness. If you or one of your loved ones was injured or drowned in another person’s swimming pool, contact ELG Law for a free consultation. Call us at 623-321-0566. These tragic accidents can not be undone, but the resources and knowledge of ELG Law’s attorneys could help you win the money you need to try and put your life back on track. No one should have to face the terrible tragedy of being injured or dying, just because they wanted to have a nice swim. Call ELG Law today and let us see if we can help you win your case.