The Importance of Journals in Personal Injury Claims

The Importance of Journals in Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury cases are not simple affairs. Regardless of whether you’re trying to get money from an insurance company, a business, or an individual, being able to prove pain and suffering goes beyond medical bills alone. A person’s pain is hard to put a price on but personal injury claims attempt to do this in order to help a victim try and put their life back in order. Because of how complex these cases can be, one of the best things you can do to help yourself is hire an experienced personal injury attorney. Another thing you can do is to keep a journal about your injuries and pain.

What Is A Personal Injury Journal?

Though they can go by different names, a personal injury journal or pain journal, is a diary, generally kept by people suffering with chronic pain. In the diary, they list information about their level of pain, its location, effects of medication, and activities that help ease or make the hurting worse. Often times these journals are recommended to patients by their doctors to help them deal with their pain and develop strategies to make it easier to live with. However, in the event that the chronic condition was caused by the negligence of another party, these journals can also help you with a personal injury lawsuit.

How Does A Personal Injury Journal Help My Case?

Insurance fraud is a very serious crime that costs companies millions of dollars but they’re not the only victims from it. Honest people looking for honest compensation are also impacted in how they can be looked at and scrutinized as if they are exaggerating their pain just for the sake of money. However, if you’re keeping a journal, sharing the information in it with your doctor and developing treatment plans for your pain, it can add a great deal of legitimacy to your claim. Think of things from the perspective of a potential jury. If a case went to trial and you had to determine a financial award for an accident victim, are you more likely to award money to an individual who didn’t keep records of how pain was affecting their life, or someone who did take the time and energy to note their progress?

Memory Is Surprisingly Fallible, Even After A Major Accident

As much as we might like to think that we have a strong memory, often times our recollection of events is not entirely accurate, especially when it comes to finer details. Even if you avoid an injury such as head trauma that affects your cognitive processes, the whirlwind of doctor appointments, insurance calls, and life itself can cause you to forget dates, details, and events. Writing down the daily events related to your injuries will not only help you keep a record of them but also help your personal injury attorney present a more organized case.

Keep Your Diary And Consult An Attorney

Though it was mentioned earlier it’s worth repeating that personal injury cases can be very complicated. Insurance companies and other attorneys will fight tooth and nail to avoid having to pay out the money you deserve for your injuries and your suffering. A personal injury journal can help you organize your thoughts and your treatments to help you and your doctor make a health plan that works for you. Your health is the most important matter in a circumstance like this. That journal can also be a powerful tool in a lawsuit when you put it in the hands of the right attorney. Call ELG Law for a free consultation at 623-321-0566. Our lawyers only handle accidents and personal injuries, giving us the experience and knowledge to assist you in your case. Keep notes about the progress of your treatment and keep ELG Law in mind when you’re ready to consider your legal options.