The Importance of Arizona Truck Accident Lawyers

The Importance of Arizona Truck Accident Lawyers

Tractor-trailers, semis, 18-wheelers; whichever term you use to describe these large trucks, most average motorists know to be wary of these vehicles while driving alongside or around them. The reasons for this are well-warranted, too; accidents involving a passenger vehicle and a large truck accounted for 12% of all fatal, passenger vehicle accidents in 2017. Given the size and weight of large trucks, it’s not surprising to see how a smaller vehicle coming into contact with them could prove disastrous. But these types of accidents are different enough in other ways as well, to where if you’re unfortunate enough to be in such a crash, you’d want to hire an attorney with specific knowledge regarding large truck accidents.

The Trucking Industry Is Huge

Large trucks and their drivers are incredibly important for the sake of the American economy. Massive amounts of goods and products are transported in these vehicles on an hourly basis, all over the entire country. In order to make sure that drivers stay safe, the federal government highly regulates this industry by requiring, among other things, that truckers log their hours and take mandatory rest periods. An experienced attorney, familiar with these regulations stands a better chance of being able to prove negligence on the fault of the driver or the company they’re employed by.

Who Employs The Truck Driver?

This might seem like a simple question but is often wrought with complications. Many truckers are considered an employee of a specific company but others are considered to be independent contractors. This can mean a world of difference when it comes to who to file a lawsuit against if an accident should occur. An independent contractor may be solely responsible for any at-fault accidents as they may have to assume that risk as part of their contract. However, the negligence of an actual employee may leave the entire business vulnerable to a lawsuit. This issue is complicated further by the potential for dealing with a large business’ insurance company and legal team.

How To Put A Truck Accident Case Together

With all of the above factors in play, combined with how complicated personal injury law is in general, a clearer picture should be presented of just how important a truck accident lawyer is. Between having to navigate federal and state laws regarding these accidents, having to potentially deal with an opposing legal team with a large amount of resources, needing to prove negligence on the part of the large truck driver, and needing to show the value of the victim’s medical bills and pain and suffering, that’s something that legal experience in these cases can substantially help with. You do not want to treat a large truck accident like any other personal injury case.

In A Large Truck Accident In Arizona? Call ELG Law

Finding the right lawyer or the right legal team to assist you in a complex case such as this can be a challenge, but ELG Law is here to help. Our group of attorneys has over 55 years of combined lawyer experience and we only deal with personal injury lawsuits, including crashes involving large trucks. We understand how physically and financially devastating these accidents can be and know how to approach these matters to put you in the best potential position to win your case. Call ELG Law for a free consultation at 623-321-0566. We can’t give back to you what you’ve lost in an accident, but we can try to help you fight back.