The Dangers of Aggressive Truck Drivers in Arizona

The Dangers of Aggressive Truck Drivers in Arizona

Aggressive driving is reckless behavior that we are all guilty of from time to time. No one is immune from being frustrated when they are driving. Road rage is dangerous no matter which type of vehicle is engaging in it, but it is particularly perilous when a truck driver is the one pushing the limits. Trucks have a much harder time stopping when they are in motion, and their large size and heavy frame make them a force to be reckoned with if they collide with almost anything. Common road rage behavior for truck drivers includes:

  • Driving too close to a car or tailgating to intimidate the driver into speeding up or moving out of the way by changing lanes.
  • Stop and go driving by breaking at inappropriate times and then speeding up at other times to cause drivers the inability to pass them or to push back on a driver that is tailgating the truck.
  • Weaving in and out of traffic and cutting-off drivers.

These aggressive behaviors can result in jackknifing accidents, rear-end collisions, and rollovers to name a few of the types of accidents that are likely to result. In the process, many drivers on the road are subject to being injured or losing their life when they get caught up with an out of control truck driver who causes an accident.

Truck Accident Statistics In Arizona

Every year there are more than 2,500 crashes each year in the state of Arizona that involve large trucks as reported by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). Almost 40,000 rear-end collisions occur each year which makes this type of accident the most common in Arizona. Rear-end collisions can be caused by both distracted drivers and aggressive drivers. This type of accident isn’t just unique to Arizona, it is also the most common across the country accounting for 29 percent of all collisions and resulting in many injuries and deaths according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Have You Sustained Injuries From An Accident With A Truck In Arizona?

The Dangers Of Aggressive Truck Drivers In ArizonaInjuries from accidents can be mild to severe after any collision. They are far more likely to be serious when a big rig is involved. This means you are going to require extensive medical treatment and therapy, potentially need surgery, and medications. These medical expenses will build up fast and while you are recovering you are not likely going to be able to work. Your job status, as well as your income, will be put in jeopardy as a result. You should not have to face the trauma of a serious accident and the repercussions of one alone. You deserve compensation to help you with the economic and non-economic costs associated with bad traffic accidents.

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