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When Don’t I Need an Attorney After an Accident?

Law firms will oftentimes tell you that you need their services, warning that insurance firms will dishonestly undervalue your settlement to give you the smallest possible payout. These things do happen, yes, but they’re not absolutes, and you don’t always need to seek legal assistance. Insurance adjusters oftentimes do their jobs fairly and honestly, and even though we at Escamilla Law Group are confident in our abilities, there are simply some auto accidents where an experienced attorney is likely [...]

What to Look for in a Quality Arizona’s Personal Injury Firm

There are two ways to find a qualified Arizona personal injury law firm. The first is to begin your search after you have been in an accident, and the second is to find the right firm before you have been in an accident. While it may seem premature to look for a personal injury law firm before an accident occurs, this is the best time to find one. This is a time where your stress is much lower and [...]