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What Is A Concussion And What Are The Symptoms

What is a Concussion and What are the Symptoms?

In August of 2011, a suit was filed against the NFL for denial of the serious effects concussions and brain trauma has caused players over the years. The immense seriousness of how detrimental concussions are to humans became a widely discussed topic of conversation. Concussions can result in many types of situations where one’s head has a strong force come into contact with it. Abuse, sports, slip and fall accidents, and accidents are common causes of concussions in humans. [...]

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All About Concussions

Vehicle accidents are one of the most common causes of whiplash and brain injuries. Oftentimes, these injuries occur due to the sudden back-and-forth flexion of your neck that occurs on impact, which can cause head injuries. However, concussions can occur after any type of accident that causes your head to abruptly jerk and crash into an object. Furthermore, concussions can appear immediately after an accident or take several days, or sometimes weeks, to notice. That is why it’s vital to [...]