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Phoenix, AZ - Victoria Dukepoo Killed in Car Accident at 19th Ave & Van Buren St

Types of Damages in Auto Accidents

Whether you’ve been in an accident yourself or simply have heard about them, the term, “damages,” tends to come up in spades, and with good reason—damages represent everything lost in an accident and define how much compensation you can receive. If you’re ever in doubt as to what qualifies as damages and what doesn’t, make consult an auto accident attorney in Arizona to learn more. Specific Countable Damages Specific damages are countable, precise, and involve direct or indirect monetary loss. The [...]

How Much Can You Obtain After a Car Accident in Arizona?

Everyone who is in a car accident and sustains injuries that are pursuing a personal injury claim will be wondering how much their claim is worth. Every accident situation is different so the best way to get an idea of how much your claim is worth is to contact an experienced Phoenix car accident attorney. These legal professionals know necessary to evaluate the strength of your claim as well as its worth.  What Goes Into A Car Accident Settlement? Multiple factors [...]