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Can I Still Get Compensation If I Didn’t Wear a Seatbelt?

Seat belts are an absolute must while driving, both in the eyes of the law and to ensure your own safety. If you ended up in a car crash after failing to buckle up, it’s natural to be concerned about whether or not you can get a settlement to cover your damages. The good news is yes, you can still pursue a personal injury case and receive compensation, even if you didn’t wear your seat belt. Arizona law protects [...]

Seat Belt Laws in Arizona

Arizona requires that seatbelts be used when driving on the road. This is understandable because the statistics relating to the use of a seatbelt are indisputable. Seatbelts have proven to be effective in reducing injuries and saving lives time and time again. They can actually reduce the risk of death and severe injury by 50%, according to the CDC. There are three main seatbelt laws that are important to understand and note if you are driving in the state. Primary [...]