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How You Can Avoid Drowning Accidents

How You Can Avoid Drowning Accidents

Preparing for a drowning accident can seem daunting and tedious in equal measure; time spent in the water can be relaxing, fun, and inviting, causing many to drop their guard, yet simultaneously, drowning can occur so suddenly and quickly that it can be difficult to know how to react in a moment of panic. Prevention is the best medicine, so familiarize yourself with ways to avoid drowning accidents. Simple Tips for Preventing Drowning Drowning prevention doesn’t have to be a taxing [...]

Phoenix, AZ - Toddler in Critical Condition After Drowning at 29th Ave

The Most Common Causes of Arizona Drowning Accidents

Of all states, Arizona’s drowning fatality rate of 1.5 per 100,000 people makes it the seventh most dangerous state in America to swim in. While this only translates to less than a thousand fatalities a year, significantly more serious injuries are sustained in the process, many of which require admission to an emergency room and could cause lifelong cognitive impairments. Poor Decisions by the Swimmer Swimming is a fundamentally dangerous, physically intensive activity that demands coordination, stamina, and experience from all [...]

Drowning Deaths in Arizona

The idea and fear of drowning is enough to keep many people away from the water. Indeed, the idea of not being able to draw in any air and feel life slipping away is something that should be reserved only for horror films. But deaths from drowning are very real and happen on a regular basis. Swimming is very popular in Arizona, largely because the heat is so intense and long-lasting throughout the year, that while other parts of [...]