Tag - How Does Insurance Work For Rental Car Accidents In Arizona?

Your Guide to Rental Car Accidents and Insurance

Your Guide to Rental Car Accidents and Insurance

If you get into a car accident while renting a car you’ll have to sort out what the rental company, you, and the other driver is liable for, all while handling the other challenges of an auto accident case. Whether you’re considering renting or already got into a rental car accident, understanding more about rental cars and insurance is vital. Personal Auto Insurance vs Collision Damage Waivers Depending on the nature of your insurance, you might not need extra coverage from [...]

What to Do After a Rental Car Accident That Isn’t Your Fault

Crashing your own vehicle is bad enough, but when you get into an accident in a car you’re borrowing or renting, it can spark all the more stress. Who’s responsible for repairs? What insurance pays for what damages? Knowing what to do after a rental car accident before it even happens can help you better prepare for a worst-case scenario. As a general rule of thumb, before even considering a rental, you should know how your auto insurance plan [...]

How Does Insurance Work for Rental Car Accidents in Arizona?

If you are traveling and planning on using a rental car to get out and about in the region you are visiting you will be presented with a variety of options for insurance when you pick up your car. Anyone who is driving a rental car or their private automobile will naturally feel more secure if they know they have quality insurance that will protect them should they get into an accident. It can be fairly confusing to figure out [...]