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Texting and Driving – Your Decisions Behind the Wheel 

Texting and driving is a very serious issue throughout the United States right now. This type of distracted driving is incredibly dangerous and can cause life-threatening injuries. A study reported that distracted driving alone took 3,166 lives in 2017. You can’t be texting and fully focused on driving at the same time. Texting or reading a message takes your eyes off the road for at least 5 seconds. If sending a message is important, pull off to the side [...]

Arizona Distracted Driving Law

There are many ways individuals become distracted while driving. Cell phones are not a new development, but they are playing a stronger role in distracted driving. Many individuals are guilty of messing with their phones to talk, text, or play music while driving a vehicle. Other forms of distracted driving include conversations with passengers, eating, playing music, or helping children. Any form of distracted driving is incredibly dangerous and can contribute to a serious life-threatening automobile accident. The National [...]

Distracted Driving With Kids

Driving with kids in the car can be very distracting. It takes a great deal of patience for parents to handle arguing or complaining in the backseat. Often, parents don’t think of these situations as a dangerous distraction, but research suggests otherwise and that parents need to find different ways to handle interruptions while driving. Forms of Distractions According to a recent study from the Monash University Accident Research Center, driving with children is 12 times more dangerous than a driver [...]

5 Causes of Car Accidents and How to Prevent Them

Though thousands of auto accidents occur each day across the country, experiencing one for yourself is frightening, especially when injuries are involved. And since more than 36,000 injuries occurred as a result of accidents in Arizona in 2018, these serious incidents are unfortunately common. However, many auto accidents are preventable. It’s important to know the top causes of accidents and how to avoid them so that you stay safe on the road. If you’ve already been involved in an auto accident [...]