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Car Insurance Stacking Provisions

From long-term physical injuries to financial difficulties, dealing with the aftermath of a car accident is daunting. And negotiating with insurance companies can arguably be the most difficult part. However, knowing the best way to insure yourself can make all the difference.  Because serious injuries can occur in even the most minor car wrecks, it’s important to know how to negotiate with insurers in the aftermath of a crash and get the best coverage possible before a crash. If you’ve sustained [...]

5 Ways to Protect Your Rights After an Accident

The latest data from the Arizona Department of Transportation shows that nearly 130,000 car accidents occurred statewide in 2018. And with almost 37,000 of those crashes resulting in injuries, it’s clear that serious wrecks are an unfortunate reality of life. However, taking steps to protect yourself after an accident is vital. If you’ve been injured in a car accident in Arizona, contact the Phoenix auto accident attorneys at the ELG Law. Our team of auto accident lawyers is here to help [...]