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Liability in Arizona Multi-Vehicle Pileups

Auto accidents involving multiple vehicles can be slow, step-by-step endeavors, or sudden and chaotic collisions between many drivers at once. In either case, pileups can spiral out of control and present a serious hazard on busy or high-speed roads, affecting dozens of motorists in more severe cases. Unlike simple two-car collisions, multi-vehicle pileups can be difficult to parse, with each driver’s liability for every other driver’s damages frequently being up for debate. However, while a driver’s exact level of [...]

Can I Still Get Compensation If I Didn’t Wear a Seatbelt?

Seat belts are an absolute must while driving, both in the eyes of the law and to ensure your own safety. If you ended up in a car crash after failing to buckle up, it’s natural to be concerned about whether or not you can get a settlement to cover your damages. The good news is yes, you can still pursue a personal injury case and receive compensation, even if you didn’t wear your seat belt. Arizona law protects [...]