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What Is A Concussion And What Are The Symptoms

What is a Concussion and What are the Symptoms?

In August of 2011, a suit was filed against the NFL for denial of the serious effects concussions and brain trauma has caused players over the years. The immense seriousness of how detrimental concussions are to humans became a widely discussed topic of conversation. Concussions can result in many types of situations where one’s head has a strong force come into contact with it. Abuse, sports, slip and fall accidents, and accidents are common causes of concussions in humans. [...]

Why Whiplash Can Often Be Overlooked After An Arizona Accident

Why Whiplash Can Often Be Overlooked After an Arizona Accident

Injuries after an accident can range from mild scrapes and bruises to life-altering, severe damage. Some of the most devastating injuries can leave Arizona car accident victims in a very precarious situation. If multiple doctors and specialists are needed for treatment, therapies, and surgery required, and necessary medications the bills to pay for just the medical care alone can be through the roof. If you are in this type of situation it is likely that you are unable to [...]

What Driving Habits Are Dangerous

What Driving Habits are Dangerous?

It goes without saying that following the rules of the road when you drive is imperative. If we are being honest with ourselves, even when we try to be a safe driver we don’t always hit the mark every single time. There are always those out there who will ignore safe driving practices. Drivers who don’t engage in safe driving techniques could be doing so for a variety of reasons. They may not be properly trained as a driver, [...]

Diminished Property Damage Claims After an Accident

Car accidents can be very stressful for everyone involved. Many individuals become discouraged when they see the amount of damage to their vehicles. Often individuals fear this damage because of their vehicle suddenly having less value due to the accident. You can never restore a car to this original condition once it has been in an accident. You can repair it close to the original form, but it will never be completely the same after an accident. This means [...]

When Do You Sue After You’ve Been in a Phoenix Traffic Accident

Car accidents occur daily in Phoenix, but not all of them lead to a lawsuit. In 2015, there were a total of 116,609 auto accidents throughout the state of Arizona. In that same year, 36,139 of those accidents resulted in injuries. These accidents can lead to serious injuries leaving individuals physically hurt and emotionally scarred. No matter what type of automobile accident you are involved in, it is important to understand when you should sue after an accident. You [...]

What You Should Know About Rear-End Collisions

Rear-End collisions can occur at any time of day on the roadways of Arizona. The Insurance Information Institute reported 2,350 rear-end collisions in 2016. Furthermore, there were 34,439 fatal car accidents in 2016. Rear-end accidents can lead to incredibly dangerous situations and serious injuries. These situations can cause a lot of stress in your life as well as massive financial burdens. Some of these expenses include medical costs and the potential of lost wages. All drivers need to be [...]

Top Dangerous Driving Habits in Arizona

Everybody has habits that are less than desirable, and some of these habits come with a great deal of risk attached to them. When you are behind the wheel, it isn’t hard to recognize drivers with very unsafe driving habits. Occasionally it comes from insufficient knowledge regarding safe driving, and sometimes drivers are simply disregarding the law for their own personal reasons. This kind of driver is a danger to himself as well as to other drivers, passengers, and [...]

Protecting Yourself From Wrong-Way Drivers in Arizona

Wrong-way crashes happen frequently in Arizona. Rather than ignore the issue, state leaders are participating in an increased discussion, depending largely on the implementation of engineering tools and enforcement to help keep drivers alive until their driving habits evolve. The Arizona Department of Public Safety constantly tells drivers that these wrong-way collisions denote a much larger behavior issue on the part of the masses because most of them are the result of drivers under the influence of drugs and/or [...]

Proof for a Loss of Consortium Claim in Arizona

Personal injuries often impact their victims in many different and unwelcome ways. Catastrophic accidents do not just impact your bank balance, but your personal relationship with your significant other can easily sustain irreparable damage. Should this occur, you have the legal right to file a suit for loss of consortium. So, how do you show loss of consortium and how is the value of this type of damage determined? There are many different ways to establish you have experienced loss of [...]

Safe Driving Strategies for Your Christmas Vacation

Christmas is on its way, which means millions of Americans will be hitting the highway to meet up with friends and family. Regrettably, with such an excess of cars on the roads, there is a substantially increased risk of being involved in an accident, which is exactly why it is imperative that you exercise caution by meticulously preparing for your journey and being a defensive driver. Listed below is some information concerning suggestions on how to prepare for a safe [...]