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What Good Faith Means in Accident Claims

Insurance companies have certain legal duties to those who file insurance claims through them. However, that does not translate to an equal moral duty. Once you open a claim, the insurance company is bound to a tacit vow of reasonability and good faith, but what a “good faith” claim actually entails can be surprisingly vague.  What Good and Bad Faith Entail Insurance companies have a duty to defend claimants and an obligation to act in good faith, which simply put, means [...]

4 Ways Insurance Companies Can Trick You

Not every insurance company is dishonest. Many will offer fair settlements readily, especially for minor auto accidents. Despite the warnings of most law firms, not every insurance adjuster is out to trick unsuspecting motorists and scam them out of their money—however, these things do still happen, and more often than you might think. Knowing common underhanded tactics used by dishonest insurance companies can alert you when something is awry; simultaneously, you’ll have an easier time recognizing honest, fair settlements [...]

Things to Know Before Signing a Settlement Agreement

Sometime after reporting a car accident, you’ll receive a settlement offer from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Though it might be tempting, you shouldn’t blindly agree to these settlement offers. There are a variety of considerations to keep in mind before signing off on anything with an insurance company. The Risks of Settling Quickly Settling quickly is oftentimes a bad idea, for one simple reason: insurance companies exist for profit, so the smaller your claim, the happier they are. Insurance adjusters [...]

How Insurance Adjusters Can Mislead You

The moment you contact your insurance company about an accident, adjusters begin scrutinizing your case for faults and missing information. At this point, many adjusters will try to rush you into accepting an unfavorable settlement, using a variety of dishonest tactics to undervalue your case and give you an unfair settlement. Most insurance adjusters do their job fairly and properly, although, deceitful insurance adjusters are out there. You should be prepared and know what red flags to watch for, and [...]