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Summer Travel Safety Tips

Summer Travel Safety Tips

The summertime brings more festivals, vacations, trips, longer days, and warmer weather that beckons us to come and spend time outdoors. As a result, there are more motorists on the roadways, including an uptick in some of the most vulnerable groups like motorcyclists.

Summer Travel Safety TipsThere is no reason not to go out and enjoy the summertime and see the sights. As you begin looking over your summer plans, consider these tips to keep you safe while you are traveling about. The best summers are the ones where everyone has fun and gets to where they need to be safely.

  1. Plan your travels to avoid the hazards and headaches of construction, festivals, or other delays that may cause you frustration on long trips. If you take a bit of time proactively to look at all the route options and check the weather to see if there are any potentially dangerous conditions ahead of you, you will be much more prepared for the open road. Prepping your route will also give you an estimation of the time required to get to your destination so you can try to avoid traveling when visibility is low, like at night.
  2. Proper vehicle maintenance is always advised all-year-round. This alleviates potential breakdown, as well as saves you a bit of cash by avoiding expensive mandatory repairs at your local auto shop. Specifically in the summertime, keeping your air conditioning in tip-top shape makes for a more enjoyable ride and ensuring all your fluids are topped off could reduce the risk of your vehicle overheating.
  3. Always have a designated driver with you and your group or have plans to work with a driving service if you are enjoying those refreshing adult beverages. Additionally, if you have gone long distances and are feeling tired, make plans for stopping to rest so that you aren’t drowsy behind the wheel.
  4. The calls and texts can wait. It is important to note that in the State of Arizona, Governor Doug Ducey signed a law prohibiting handheld devices while driving and citations will be issued if an officer catches you. If you have an emergency, safely pull over to the side of the road and take care of it. Anything that is going to distract you from the important task at hand, which is driving, should be put on the back burner for when you are either pulled over or at your destination. This includes eating, drinking, or even fiddling with car functions.
  5. Stay alert to your surroundings and engage in safe driving practices, like following the speed limit and giving yourself enough space between other cars on the road. If you spot an aggressive driver, keep yourself a safe distance away or try to avoid the driver.

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If you pay attention to the road and take note of these tips above, you are going to increase your chances of staying out of an accident and be able to better enjoy all the fun that your summer offers. No one is immune from a car accident, though, and no one can control the behaviors of other drivers. So if you find yourself in a situation where you have been hurt by a negligent driver on the road, make sure you seek the proper medical attention for your injuries.

Then reach out to an Arizona car accident attorney at the Escamilla Law Group. We have law offices in Mesa and Phoenix for your convenience. Our team of experienced Arizona personal injury lawyers is here to help you with your claim. Call us today and schedule a free consultation with one of our resourceful Arizona personal injury lawyers at 623-562-3838.


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