Safety Tips for Parents of Teenage Drivers

Safety Tips for Parents of Teenage Drivers

The most dangerous activity that leads to teenage death is driving a car.  Allstate Insurance reports that accidents are the leading killer of young individuals aged 15 through 20 years-of-age. Each year, the United States loses approximately 5,000 teenage lives on our roads. The consistent loss of life has led to national awareness groups and programs, one being the National Teen Driver Safety Week which occurs in October. 

Parents have an immense impact on their young drivers through their words and actions. Studies and surveys show that the majority of teens, almost 90%, indicated that their parent’s influence is the biggest factor for the way they drive when they are out and about.  It is very important for parents to not only discuss safe driving with their teenage children but also engage in it themselves as positive role models when they are behind the wheel. The major areas to address include:

  • No Cell phone use while driving
  • Reduce the number of passengers
  • No speeding or racing
  • No alcohol or drug use while diving
  • Always wear a seatbelt

Tips For Parents Of Teenage Drivers

Communication is important in any relationship. When it comes to the safety of your children, it is important that you are conveying your message successfully. To accomplish this, there is a couple of points to keep in mind.

  1. Be positive and speak about positive behaviors like seatbelt use and being a responsible and calm passenger. The majority of crashes kill both the teenage driver as well as their passengers so it is not only important to focus on driving safety but also safe practices while simply sitting in a car.
  2. Set boundaries with driving allowances. Allow your teen to drive regularly so they gain useful experience but monitor when and where they are driving until they get more exposure and confidence under their belt. Be aware of potentially risky situations that have higher incidences of dangers such as prom night, specific social outings, or intemperate weather.
  3. Discuss the dangers of distracted driving such as cell phone use, engaging with passengers, daydreaming, driving while drowsy, eating, etc. The rise in cell phone use in cars, in particular, has been the basis for a high percentage of accidents. Instill the notion that no call or text is worth their life and if they have an emergency the answer is to always pull over to make a call or send a text. As a parent, ensure that when you are driving you also stay off of your devices and do as you preach.

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