Road Hazards That Cause Traffic Accidents In Phoenix

Road Hazards That Cause Traffic Accidents In Phoenix

When an accident occurs it is important to ensure you are first and foremost OK. Then, if you are on the road or in an unsafe location, making certain that you can safely move to a secure location is the next step to take. This protects you so that you can make the call to the police, exchange information, and take in the details of the crash in a location free of dangers to you or others around you. 

Oftentimes, when an accident happens, the location is extremely dangerous. It is also possible that you may not have the ability to move out of harm’s way. Even if a collision with another vehicle has not occurred that doesn’t mean other hazards on the road can’t cause an accident. Perhaps there are unsecured items on the roof of a car that flies off, maybe an unexpected object on the road surprises you, possibly uneven payment trips you up. Any of these possibilities and more can arise at a moment’s notice and cause serious traffic accidents. 

An Arizona car accident attorney can help protect your rights when you have been injured in an accident due to a hazard that exists in or on the road. Accidents that have been the result of unexpected debris in the road have been the cause of more than 39,000 injuries and a significant amount of deaths from 2011 through 2014. There were approximately 500 fatalities according to AAA.  

Road Hazard Laws In Phoenix

It is required for all drivers in the state to ensure any load they are carrying is secured and safe before they hit the road. According to Arizona’s revised statutes 28-1098,  a load cannot be subject to dropping or shifting, leaking, blowing or any type of instability while traveling. Both the driver as well as the vehicle’s owner, if they are different individuals, are going to hold responsibility for any load on a vehicle. If one is caught traveling with a load that is not properly secured via the law it is considered a violation. When the load causes injury or if it causes death, civil penalties such as fines are enforced.  They can range in amount and can go upwards of $1,000.

There are circumstances where there are construction and hazards which exist and are related to the state of Arizona.  Even though there are statutes present that limit liability by that government, that doesn’t mean one has no options for government entities owning some portion of liability. If the appropriate signage is not done properly, this can be an example of a circumstance that may hold a government entity accountable. 

Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyers

Road Hazards That Cause Traffic Accidents In PhoenixUnderstanding where liability falls after a road accident due to hazards can be challenging and difficult to break down alone. The assistance of an aggressive Arizona personal injury attorneys at ELG will make the process go much smoother. Contact our team of effective Phoenix serious accident injury attorneys at ELG’s Mesa or Phoenix office today at (623) 562-3838 to discuss your experience.