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Recovering Wage Losses After an Accident in Arizona

Recovering Wage Losses After An Accident In Arizona

If you have sustained injuries in an accident that was not your fault you have legal rights to pursue damages that will cover your losses. These losses can be medical costs, property damages, pain and suffering, and lost wages. There are no two accidents that have the exact same details and circumstances. This means that every outcome will vary. There are not specific caps put in place in the state of Arizona which limit a victim from their deserved compensation. For instance, if your accident resulted in massive wage losses, you can recover those losses.

The good news is that when a person is suffering wage loss, it is easy to compute the damages associated with them to figure out what a fair number is to pursue in your personal injury claim. 

Wage Loss Vs. Loss Of Earning Capacity

If you were not able to work because of your injuries the money that you should have earned while you were working can be calculated and added into your claim. Wages losses require evidence to support your numbers so pay stubs are helpful. There is also the ability to pursue the loss of earning potential. This is different than wage loss damages in that your injuries didn’t stop you from going to work but they do limit your ability to obtain a promotion or gain a higher paying position.

If you took a significant amount of time off of work, pursuing past wages lost from the time away is possible. These claims are a bit more difficult for defendants to eliminate but they will most likely argue that the time you took off was excessive and unnecessary.

Future wage losses are unknown and can only be estimated. If you had to take time off of work because you required multiple surgeries, for example, you will have more than one type of wage to file for. You can file for past wages for the months that you were out of work having surgery and recovering up until litigation as well as future wage losses from the amount of time you may additionally need after litigation until you are healthy enough to work again. This timeframe may not be easily quantifiable so estimating is essential.

How can you come up with a valid claim for future wage losses? An experienced Phoenix serious injury attorney will understand what factors to look at for the calculation. Additionally, your expert testimony may be required to explain your injuries, why you can’t work because of them,  how long it takes to fully recover, as well as what your abilities will be after your recovery. Sometimes even after you recover you won’t be able to work in the capacity you were able to before your accident and this should be taken into account.

Should You Contact A Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer After Your Accident?

Recovering Wage Losses After An Accident In ArizonaMost people aren’t well abreast of the law and how it applies to their case or how to successfully build a solid claim for compensation. An Arizona automobile accident attorney at ELG who knows the ins and outs of the personal injury claim process and the sneaky tactics of the insurance companies. We also know exactly what documentation is necessary to ensure you walk away from your accident experience with a full and fair settlement.

Personal injury claims can be very stressful, they can take a significant amount of time and resources and they can be confusing for victims to tackle alone. The bilingual lawyers at ELG will fight on your behalf when you have been injured in an accident caused by a negligent party. Call us today at 623-562-3838 to set up a free consultation. We have locations in Phoenix and Mesa, Arizona.


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