Pedestrian Accidents And Children In Arizona

Pedestrian Accidents And Children In Arizona

Arizona’s climate and scenic settings make it a terrific environment to be outside and take in all that our beautiful state has to offer. Pedestrians will always have a higher risk of enduring serious injuries or death if they are in the unfortunate position of getting hit by a vehicle. The human body is very vulnerable and it is no match for a heavy, fast-moving vehicle. Children, in particular, are a very high-risk group for pedestrian accidents. That is why it is imperative for parents to be alert and engaged in their child’s behavior while near traffic and to always instill road safety teachings at every possible opportunity.

Pedestrian Accident Statistics

The Governor’s Highway Safety Association indicates that the state of Arizona has a very high rate of death for pedestrians per resident. The rates of accidents for pedestrians that resulted in death has gone up during the time frame of 2006 through 2015. These findings are significant for residents of our state. When one decides to go outside, it is important to know that the risks for pedestrians are very real and more prevalent in Arizona than any other state so caution and alertness are key.

In 2016, the state of Arizona saw over 1,600 accidents with pedestrians. There were almost 200 deaths that resulted from these accidents that year alone.  Almost 1,500 individuals were injured according to AZDOT.  This means that almost all of those involved in these accidents ended in injuries and of those that did not the results were fatal.

Dangers For Children

Children who are naive and inexperienced do not fully understand the dangers that roads present.  Young children can be easily distracted and act before they think or simply not know that there are any risks associated with their actions.  When in groups, there is a false sense of security that can cloud their judgment. Groups are also a distraction and can divert attention away from the surroundings where they should be alert and attentive.

Additionally, the actual size of children can be a detriment. Other drivers may not see them in their view because their stature is simply not high enough. It may also inhibit the child from seeing obstacles such as cars themselves. While any individual is extremely vulnerable to serious injuries and death from accidents, the small size of a child’s body makes them extremely susceptible to injuries. 

Children have a higher risk of traffic accidents because they simply tend to be outdoors more often than adults. They play outside, they can’t drive so they walk more, ride their bikes at higher rates, play at the park, etc. All of these factors put them at almost constant risk for an accident.

Personal Injury Lawyers In Phoenix

Pedestrian Accidents An Children In ArizonaNo child should be kept indoors for fear of pedestrian accidents, but it is prudent to ensure that instilling safety and rules of the road every time you are able is something that you do often.  If your child is involved in a pedestrian accident you are likely facing an immense amount of stress and medical concerns from their injuries. You will need compensation to help you with these challenges and your best chance at obtaining it is through the assistance of an aggressive Arizona personal injury attorneys at ELG.

We will work with you to examine your case and provide you with effective guidance and answers to all of your questions.  Our firm’s Phoenix pedestrian accident attorneys care about the well-being of your child and are committed to ensuring your child and your family see your full legal justice after a traumatic accident.  Do not hesitate to contact our team of resourceful  Phoenix serious accident injury attorneys at ELG’s Mesa or Phoenix office today at (623) 562-3838 to discuss your experience.