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Light Rail and Train Accident Injuries in Arizona

Light Rail and Train Accident Injuries In Arizona

Public transportation is a viable option for those people who choose not to have their own form of transportation or who simply cannot afford the costs of a private motor vehicle. Taking public transportation like light rail transit is generally a safe, consistent and reliable way to travel to work or throughout the city and save a couple of dollars while doing it. Most often, using this form of transportation goes smoothly, but nothing is ever a guarantee, and there is always some amount of risk associated with any form of transportation.

Across the country every year, there are more than 1,000 accidents with light rail operations. The Rail Safety Statistics Report indicated that in 2012, the passenger injury rate was 30.05 per 100 million vehicle revenue miles. While this showed a decline in the average rate since 2007, it still indicates that injuries do occur. It is estimated that accidents on light rail can result in millions of dollars in property damages as well. 

For those who are unfortunate enough to sustain an injury on public transportation, the resulting challenges faced are the same as any other mode leading to personal injury. If you are one of these victims, speaking with a Phoenix light rail accident lawyer soon after your accident is a wise choice to help you recover costs associated with your losses.

Arizona Light Rail/Train Accidents

There are a number of ways that one can sustain injuries using light rail or trains. Sometimes, these injuries are caused by the riders and other times they are caused by negligence on the part of the transit system and its employees. Some of these negligent actions can include:

  • Equipment failure 
  • Rule violations or human factors
  • Poor transit maintenance
  • Slip-and-Falls
  • Driver error

If negligence or recklessness on the part of the employees or the organization that runs the transit system is the cause of your injuries when using light rails or trains, you could have a valid personal injury claim to pursue and you could be entitled to compensation. Exploring and proving negligence on the part of the organization or the employees is often a difficult process. An experienced Arizona personal injury attorney will know exactly what to look for and what is needed to make a strong case on your behalf.

Light Rail and Train Accident Attorneys In Arizona

Light Rail and Train Accident Injuries In ArizonaIn Arizona in 2012, The Bureau of Transportation Statistics indicated that there were 56 transit-based incidents of collisions which resulted in one fatality and 75 injuries. When you or a loved one has sustained injuries while using the light rail or train, you mustn’t delay in speaking with an effective and knowledgable light rail attorney from ELG. Our firm is committed to helping victims throughout the state of Arizona and we will fight to ensure you recover costs associated with your accident. 

Call ELG today at either Pheonix or Mesa Arizona law offices at 623-562-3838. During a free consultation, you can discuss your accident and injuries with one of our compassionate Phoenix injury attorneys.



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