Liability for Damages Caused By Unsecured Cargo

Liability for Damages Caused By Unsecured Cargo

Truck accidents occur daily on the roadways of Arizona. In 2018, there were a total of 4,136 fatal accidents reported and 56,422 injury crashes reported in 2017. Semi-trucks are often carrying large loads of cargo that can make driving a truck more difficult. Often, injuries sustained in these types of accidents are serious and life-threatening. There are many different causes of these types of accidents, but often they are caused due to unsecured cargo. It is important to always be aware of your surroundings while driving on the roadways to limit the large commercial truck accidents. 

Risks Of Unsecured Cargo

If cargo is improperly secured to a truck, there are major risks associated with that. This can be the cause of some serious accidents occurring. Some of the accident risks include rollover accidents, difficulty maneuvering a truck, and loose cargo parting ways with the truck and colliding with other cars. If you are driving next to a truck and the cargo comes loose, you don’t have much time to react. The cargo weighs a lot more than a passenger vehicle and is fast-moving. If you have sustained injuries in a truck accident that was caused by unsecured cargo, you might be entitled to compensation for the injuries you sustained. Contact the truck accident attorneys at ELG to learn how we can help you. 

Liability Of Unsecured Cargo

It can be difficult to prove where liability lies in the event of a truck accident caused by unsecured cargo. The party liable for this accident could involve multiple individuals. If you think about the construction of a truck, many different individuals are involved. The truck driver and the truck company could be at fault if they didn’t report a problem or recognize that there was a problem. Another party that could liable is the cargo loaders and all of their employers. These individuals job is to ensure that cargo is secured for any type of road and weather condition. They are responsible for attaching the cargo to the truck. If they don’t hook it up properly, there could be a large malfunction or runaway cargo. The truck manufacturer is responsible for making truck parts that can hold the weight of cargo and endure all types of travel conditions. If they create a faulty part, this can create a disaster on the road. One tiny malfunction can be the cause of a large accident.

If you are trying to determine who is held liable for unsecured cargo, you have to look back at all of the parties involved. You will have to run a large investigation and look at other trucks to determine if they have the same issues. This process can take a while to officially determine who is liable for truck accidents involving unsecured cargo. 

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If you have sustained injuries in a truck accident due to unsecured cargo, contact a truck accident attorney today. The Arizona truck accident attorneys at ELG can help you with everything regarding your accident. Our team of truck accident attorneys will investigate the details of your accident so they can file a claim. We want to help you recover the maximum amount of compensation. Contact us today at  Phoenix or Mesa Arizona law offices at (623) 321-0566 to set up a consultation.