Instances You Can File For Additional Compensation After An Insurance Settlement

Instances You Can File For Additional Compensation After An Insurance Settlement

When you accept a settlement from an insurance company for the injuries you endured, you are, for the most part, closing your case. Most personal injury claims from car accidents go this route, and it is uncommon for a victim who has accepted an insurance company’s settlement to have the opportunity to sue afterward. This is true even if you have realized other injuries not included in the settlement resulted.  

In some rare instances, however, there may be room for additional compensation. This is why it is so vital that before you accept a settlement from an insurance company you seek the guidance of an Arizona personal injury lawyer to ensure you are seeing your full compensation, not just part of it. The help of one of these legal professionals can be key in determining if the settlement is fair and just for your case and injuries.

When Your Case is Closed

Instances You Can File For Additional Compensation After An Insurance SettlementAfter you agree to a settlement, you are required by most insurance companies to sign what is called a “release of liability.” This frees the insurance company from any further payments to victims, once a settlement is accepted. Your signature on this document makes it legally binding and ties you to the compensation you accepted; nothing more.

Written in the fine print is the indication that you will not pursue further actions for additional compensation from the insurance company for the same accident for which you accepted their offer. A Phoenix personal injury attorney from Escamilla Law Group, PLLC can look over this document and provide you the explanation of exactly what you are signing before you “seal the deal” with your concrete signature.

Circumstance For Filing After A Settlement Offer

In very rare and uncommon circumstances, there is the ability to file a lawsuit after a settlement offer has been made. In cases involving fraud, where a settlement has been made in bad faith, the ability to re-open the claim at a later date is possible. The issue with this option is that it is extremely difficult to prove so there is no doubt that an expert lawyer is critical to helping you expose any potential fraud.

Looking at the fine print is where the option to file suits against multiple liable parties could be viable. If the language of the settlement only indicates that it is for payment of the liability of one party involved in an accident, there may be room to continue to file suits against the other liable parties for full payment from all who were responsible. The State of Arizona has a two-year statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim. As long as you file during the allotted time frame against all parties involved, you can have multiple suites open for payment. An experienced Arizona personal injury lawyer from Escamilla Law Group, PLLC can ensure you meet these deadlines.

Arizona Auto Accident Attorneys

The resulting injuries that are caused by car accidents can put a tremendous strain on a victim’s life, in terms of time for recovery, potential loss of wages, costs of property damages, and emotional trauma. Escamilla Law Group, PLLC understands these burdens and we are compassionate to the struggles of victims in Arizona that face them. We will work aggressively on your behalf to ensure you see your full legal justice. Our Arizona automobile accident injury attorneys are here to help you with your personal injury claim. Call our Pheonix or Mesa Arizona law offices today at 623-562-3838.