If You Didn’t Cause an Accident in Arizona, Should You Still Contact Personal Injury Lawyer?

If You Didn’t Cause an Accident in Arizona, Should You Still Contact Personal Injury Lawyer?

There are no requirements for anyone to consult a legal professional when they have been in an accident regardless of who’s at fault. Although it is important to point out that any party involved in an accident can benefit from the advice and guidance of a legal professional. For those parties that are not liable for the accident, getting in contact with an Arizona automobile accident attorney will help you safeguard your rights and ensure that you obtain a fair settlement.

Additionally, pursuing claims is a complex process. If you are not abreast of current laws in the state of Arizona such as the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim, or what damages you can pursue, and how, you could be setting yourself up for failure.

A lawyer can help you establish that you were not liable or help you reduce any liability you own and prove that the other party is responsible. Many negative outcomes occur after you are in an accident including recovering from injuries, medical expenses, potential loss of wages from inability to work, and property damages to name a few. These outcomes are expensive and they add up quick. You have to protect your rights and ensure that you have your losses covered by the party at fault. 

How Can A Arizona Personal Injury Lawyer Help With Insurance Claims?

If You Didn't Cause An Accident In Arizona, Should You Still Contact Personal Injury LawyerIf you are thinking about filing a claim with an insurance company, speaking with a qualified Phoenix serious injury attorney before you move forward is highly advised. You might need to file with the other party’s insurance, your insurance, or in some cases you may need to file with both. You can’t take any chances with improper filing or claiming the wrong party. This is one of the many ways a legal professional can keep your claim on track and help you get started on the right foot.

The state of Arizona requires all drivers to carry insurance that meets specific requirements. The state also follows a tort system concerning insurance. A tort system is one where there must be a defined fault in an accident. When liability is recognized, the liable party along with their insurance company are responsible for paying the damages to any other party that sustained them.

Insurance companies will frequently do whatever they can to avoid paying victims by not accepting fault or trying to put some of the blame on you so that they can reduce the amount that must be paid out. If you aren’t able to combat these techniques or don’t know your rights you are more susceptible to losing out on much-needed compensation. A qualified lawyer with years of experience fighting the insurance companies will not allow this to happen to you. The lawyers at ELG are very familiar with the methods and approaches insurance companies attempt to employ against victims.

Speaking With A Phoenix Automobile Accident Attorney After An Accident

When a negligent party was responsible for an accident that caused you injury, contact ELG’s team of Arizona personal injury attorneys at (623) 321-0566 to set up a free consultation for discussing your case at either or Phoenix or Mesa law offices.