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How to Drive Safely With Children in the Car

How to Drive Safely With Children In The Car

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that distracted driving is a risky behavior that leads to many negative outcomes on the road. There are approximately 9 Americans who will die and 1,000 injuries that will take place in crashes that involved distracted drivers across the country daily. The Traffic Safety Facts Report issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), indicates that in 2016 9% of all fatal crashes occurred because of a distracted driver. That same year, 3,450 lives were lost due to distracted driving crashes. While 6% of all drivers involved in fatal crashes were distracted when the crash occurred, 9% of younger drivers aged 15 to 19 years-of-age were engaged in distracting behavior during a fatal crash. This age group engages in the most distracted driving behaviors during fatal crashes.

How have the states responded to distracted driving? Most states have responded by banning the use of handheld devices when drivers are behind the wheel. Arizona became the 48th state to follow suit with the passing of House Bill 2318.

Children Are A Leading Cause For Distracted Driving

Loud, and rambunctious children, and yes, even those that are well-behaved pose a serious risk to their parents and caregivers who are traveling with them. Children cause many types of distractions, they can be loud, they can cause parents to turn their back away from the road, they may have one hand off of the wheel reaching in the back for various items, they may be looking in the mirror to see what is happening in the back seat instead of the road, etc. All of these distractions add up and it is estimated that children in the car make drivers take their eyes away from the road for over 3 minutes per every 16-minute excursion.

To ensure safety when you are traveling with your precious, little ones, some tips can help. 

  • The first thing to do is to expect that they are going to need things, snacks, drinks, toys, tissues, etc. Packing these and having them in either an organizer in the back that your children can have easy access to or having them close by you so that you can get to them easily is a good idea. This way you reduce the risk of searching around to figure out where these items may be.
  • Don’t allow children to be rowdy in your vehicle. Teach them from a small age what is acceptable passenger behavior and be consistent with it so they will grow to be disciplined every time they are in your car. Regularly enforcing the rules in the car will make riding together calmly second nature.
  • Do not take your eyes off the road for any purpose if you can manage it. Any parent knows there is any number of reasons you may have to look away but resist the urge to do so. If you are in a situation where you must look away, pull over to a safe location like a parking lot and come to a full stop so that you can address the situation. Do not get back on the road until the situation has been resolved.

All parents and caregivers can utilize these tips so that their safety, the safety of their passengers and children, and others on the road are increased.

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