How to Determine If a Dog Will Bite

How to Determine If a Dog Will Bite

Dogs that have bitten or nip aren’t always doing so out of a purely viscous nature. There can be a multitude of reasons why a dog may bite including fear, dominance, or acting territorial over their home or objects. However, if you’ve been bitten by a dog and suffered injuries, it doesn’t matter what caused them to do it. The animal’s owner will be responsible for the damages inflicted. It is wise to speak to a Phoenix dog bite attorney about your injuries and experience.

Reducing The Risks For A Dog Bite

Dogs have their own language to display how they are feeling and how they may behave. Understanding their body language is critical to predicting their actions and can help you avoid bites. Such body language includes:

  • Snapping and growling indicate the animal is feeling defensive and unhappy. Give them space and don’t touch. For owners, looking at the times when a dog snaps or growls can be a good indicator of their triggers. 
  • Wagging their tail and involving their entire body can show happiness. Wagging the tail rapidly with a rigid and stiff body often means the animal is preparing to bite.
  • Raised fur between the shoulders or at the neck and close to the tail means they are uncomfortable and maybe even afraid. Raised fur means back off.
  • A dog with a stiff and rigid body is not a relaxed and happy canine, but an aggressive animal and it is best to steer clear.
  • Lip licking when food is not present is a sign that the animal is uncomfortable and while it may not lead to a bite, it is best advised not to test them.
  • Dogs that cower and exhibit clear signs of discomfort including tail tucking are feeling anxious. While they may not be feeling aggressive, they could be scared into biting if provoked.
  • “Whale Eye” or seeing the whites of the dog’s eyes as the dog’s head moves but their eyes stay focused is a sign of anxiety to be aware of.

Dog Bite Attorneys In Phoenix

No one can prevent all dog bites from occurring but there are a couple of pointers and tips that everyone should be familiar with to best avoid violent contact. The behaviors above are important to note for any age, child through adult. Additionally, children should always be watched closely around pets because they have the highest likelihood of sustaining injuries from bites than most other age groups.

If you or a loved one was bitten and injured by a dog, it is the responsibility of the owner to compensate you for your damages. Through the help of a Phoenix dog bite attorney, you can find out more about how to pursue a successful claim for the compensation you deserve. The Arizona dog bite attorneys at ELG have a proven record of success fighting for and winning fair settlements on behalf of victims in Arizona. Don’t wait to discuss your injury accident with one of our effective Arizona serious injury attorneys today at (623) 321-0566 during a free consultation.