How Social Media Can Damage Your Slip-And-Fall Suit

How Social Media Can Damage Your Slip-And-Fall Suit

No one can deny how much of an impact social media has on our day-to-day lives in Phoenix. Whether it’s through Facebook posts, a simple message on Twitter, or a picture on Instagram, we are sharing parts of our lives with the world, and even if you’re careful about what you post, you can sometimes share elements of your life with someone who can use that information against you, especially in a slip-and-fall case.

In high and low profile incidents, many of us have seen how a social media post can lead to a person being fired from their job, and you may have also heard how hiring managers will search for a person’s social media and go through their history on those platforms before hiring them. What you might not be as aware of is how attorneys will do the same thing to you if you’re filing an injury claim.

Why Does My Social Media Matter In My Personal Injury Case?

Perhaps you’re thinking to yourself, “My social media posts shouldn’t factor into this since the other party was negligent.” You’re partially right. A plaintiff does have to prove that the defendant was negligent in some way, whether it be through poorly maintained sidewalks, unmarked wet floors, or not attending to a spilled liquid in a timely fashion. But if you make a tweet saying that you were “running through the store” or even something seemingly innocent as “I should’ve been more careful,” you’re shifting responsibility onto yourself. Even if you’re saying something as a joke, you may be doing permanent and irreparable damage to your Phoenix slip-and-fall case.

Pictures can be even more detrimental than words when it comes to personal injury and slip-and-fall cases. If you’re claiming emotional distress from an accident but then share an Instagram post that shows you laughing and smiling with friends, you could nullify your potential for compensation. Even if that was the only time you laughed through your pain, it’s a visual image that will contradict your testimony and paint you in a negative light.

How Can I Protect My Social Media During Lawsuits?

If you’re planning on pursuing a slip-and-fall injury case with a Phoenix lawyer, then before you even schedule a meeting, you need to be very selective with your social media posts. You should make your accounts private to help ensure that only those you want to have access to your account have access. Whether you make them private or not though, you should never discuss anything about your case in any way, shape, or form with anyone besides an experienced Phoenix personal injury attorney. You should also make sure that your friends aren’t discussing it on their accounts or tagging you in posts or photos that could indicate your injuries are not as severe as they are. In truth, the only way you can fully protect yourself is to secure the advice of a qualified and experienced Phoenix attorney

Seek Legal Counsel

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