How do Multi-Vehicle Accidents Happen?

How do Multi-Vehicle Accidents Happen?

If you were in a major, multi-vehicle car accident in Arizona, and you were injured you will need as much compensation as possible to help you recover your damages. These accidents can be more difficult to straighten out when it comes to how the accident happened and where the fault lies. Often, more than one party is responsible for some portion of the accident. Speaking with an Arizona automobile accident attorney is a way to have your questions answered and your case examined. The dedicated legal professionals at ELG have a proven track record of helping our clients recover a fair settlement after their accident. We have considerable experience working through these cases and we understand how to investigate them thoroughly to ensure that those who are responsible for your damages are held accountable.

How do Multi-Car Accidents Take Place

Multi-car accidents are simply a mess. They don’t just happen in a vacuum, they can happen at any time and anywhere. There are several factors that can lead to one of these accidents, but most often, when a lot of traffic is on the road the risks increase. Bumper-to-bumper traffic doesn’t give drivers much room. It doesn’t take much for one driver to make a misjudgment that quickly turns into a pile-up. With little room to swerve out of the way or between cars when to put on the brakes avoiding the accident is not an easy proposition.

Multi-vehicle accidents can be caused by any number of issues, including:

  • Inclement weather is tough to drive especially when it is excessively heavy. It can make visibility low, roads slick, and make operating our vehicles much harder. One wrong move and you can lose control of your car hitting another vehicle or another object. Other drivers will have a harder time seeing you crashed on the road or if you are spinning out which can lead to them also hitting you and before you know it the number of cars unable to avert joining the crash.
  • Speeding is a known cause of car accidents of all types. Speeding limits a driver’s ability to react to road hazards and it makes it much easier to lose control of your vehicle. The momentum and force that you crash into an object or another car are increased with will impact the severity of your crash.
  • Staying alert and focused is necessary to improve safety on the road. The statistics show that distracted driving is extremely dangerous. Looking at a phone, turning around to deal with rowdy children, eating, or putting makeup on are all distractions that should be avoided when possible to reduce the risk of an accident.
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol will limit your capacity to operate your vehicle safely and make proper judgments regarding your surroundings and your reactions.
  • Drowsy driving has been shown to be just as dangerous as driving when you are inebriated.  

Finding an Arizona Automobile Accident Attorney

How do Multi-Vehicle Accidents HappenIf you were involved in a major Arizona multi-vehicle accident it is possible that you may have some liability. That doesn’t mean that you are out of luck when it comes to pursuing compensation. In Arizona under the comparative negligence system, you could still obtain a portion of the settlement amount. The Arizona serious injury attorneys at ELG can review your accident situation and determine what a fair settlement would be based on your experience.

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