How Can I Afford an Arizona Car Accident Attorney?

How Can I Afford an Arizona Car Accident Attorney?

After an accident occurs victims may become easily overwhelmed by financial stress. Victims can be hit with exorbitant medical bills after an injury, insurance bills, payment for vehicle damage, and lost wages due to the inability to work. Between all of these post-accident expenses, victims can end up paying tens of thousands of dollars. 

When facing all these costs it can seem unwise to hire a personal injury attorney and spend even more money on legal help. What most victims do not realize is that our Arizona law firm offers a free consultation in which victims can ask questions, get advice and learn about their legal opportunities, all at no charge. 

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident and are unsure of what steps to take next, or how you are going to afford things like medical treatment or repairing the damage done to your vehicle, contact Escamilla Law Group today. 

Why Do I Need an Arizona Personal Injury Attorney?How Can I Afford an Arizona Car Accident Attorney?

At Escamilla Law, we understand how much stress and anxiety an accident can cause. It is not uncommon for injured victims to be approached by insurance companies who are offering a low-ball settlement. Victims should not accept the first offer they get, as it may keep them from filing a claim in the future.

With a skilled personal injury attorney, injured victims may be able to fight for more compensation to help cover medical bills, loss of work, and other post-accident expenses. Hiring an Arizona personal injury attorney can help with the following: 

  • Statute of Limitations – Arizona sets a strict time limit on the right to bring a lawsuit. The statute of limitations depends on injuries incurred and the nature of the case. The right personal injury attorney will have expert knowledge of deadlines and criteria that needs to be met.
  • First Party Coverages – First party coverages are the coverages you have on your own policy. This coverage may work with your health insurance coverage to reduce the expense of medical bills and find any possible discounts. This process can be tricky and complex, but a personal injury attorney can take charge of this interaction to help save you thousands of dollars. 
  • Subrogation Liens of Health Insurance Carriers – In most cases, if your health insurance pays your medical bills after an accident, subrogation rights will be asserted. A personal injury attorney can help to reduce subrogation rights or liens. 

When you hire a personal injury attorney from Escamilla Law, we will take charge of all conversations with your insurance company. Our skilled personal injury attorneys can help victims to reduce medical bills, insurance payments, and other post-accident expenses. 

How You Can Afford a Personal Injury Attorney in Arizona

At Escamilla Law, we are dedicated to providing high-quality legal representation at a reasonable fee. If you have been injured in an accident and are unsure of what to do next, we offer free legal consultations in which you can learn more about your options after an accident and injury occur. Besides our free consultations, we make legal help affordable in the following ways:

  • We only charge a fee if we win your case.
  • No out of pocket costs.
  • No payments to our firm until we win.
  • Our free consultations are always with a lawyer, meaning you won’t have to spend money to get the best legal guidance and advice.

Our Arizona personal injury law firm wants to help clients take back their lives’ after an accident occurs. By offering free consultations and not charging clients until the case is won, we allow our clients to receive the best legal representation at the best rates. 

Hiring an Arizona Personal Injury Attorney 

Escamilla Law Group is a skilled and experienced bilingual legal team of Spanish and English speaking Arizona personal injury attorneys. It is our mission to provide exceptional legal representation for our clients. 

Our personal injury law firm treats each case individually to ensure our clients’ goals are met and exceeded. If you or someone you love has been injured in a personal injury accident in Arizona and are worried about how you are going to pay for your medical bills and insurance bills, contact our firm offices today at (623) 321-0566.