Holding The Right Parties Accountable During A Trucking Accident In Arizona

Holding The Right Parties Accountable During A Trucking Accident In Arizona

The most common vehicles that are involved in traffic accidents are passenger vehicles and light trucks but large trucks make up 8% of fatal accidents. The majority of deaths when large trucks are involved in accidents come at the expense of those traveling in passenger vehicles.  The main issue is that these big rigs weight almost 30 times more than a passenger vehicle and so when they hit, they do so with significant momentum and impact.

Multiple parties can be held liable for damages, injuries, and deaths that result when a large truck is involved in a crash including:

  • The driver of the truck
  • The trucking company
  • Parts Manufacturers
  • Loading companies

When you have been a victim of a crash with a commercial truck, unraveling the accountable parties can be complex as there may be many that hold responsibility.  It is common for each party to distance themselves and try to deny their roles which makes obtaining the compensation that much more challenging for the victim. This is why the help of a qualified Phoenix trucking accident attorney is key to ensuring those who are liable are held to account for your damages.

Truck Drivers

Negligence, distraction, recklessness, these are all aspects that can hold the driver of a commercial truck responsible for the resulting damages that are sustained from an accident.  Truck drivers are notorious for driving long distances and being tired on the roads which are why Arizona, like many states, has strict guidelines on the books for truckers and safe driving practices expected by truckers.  Additionally, many companies have required rest and break times to decrease potential hazards for their drivers.

Trucking Companies

Even though management or ownership at a company may not have physically behind the wheel at the time of the crash, they may still own some responsibility for it.  It is these companies duties to hire safe drivers who are properly trained and tested for substance abuse. If they fail to put established safe drivers in their vehicles they hold some of the blame for an accident.  Additionally, if they promoted their drivers to invalidate the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) hours of service rule, the burden falls on them when their drivers are drowsy behind the wheel.

Additionally, if the trucking company does not keep up on proper maintenance of the truck and it malfunctions as a result which causes an accident, this is another area where they are responsible.

Loading Companies

The cargo in the truck is expected to be loaded safely and securely for traveling on the roads.  If cargo came undone and is the cause of your damages, this is irresponsibility on the part of the loading company.  An experienced Arizona truck accident attorney will be able to assess the cargo records to see who was liable for securing that cargo and hold them to account.

Parts Manufacturers

If a truck has defective parts or mechanical failures, the manufacturer of those parts can be held responsible.  While most deficiencies or mechanical issues are generally the faults of improper maintenance, defective parts can still occur. When they do, the manufacturer is liable.

Contacting an Arizona Truck Accident Lawyer

Holding The Right Parties Accountable During A Trucking Accident In ArizonaIt can be highly complicated to figure out where the fault lies after a trucking accident because of the many parties that are associated with commercial trucking operations.  To ensure you obtain the highest amount of compensation from all accountable parties, the resourceful Phoenix serious injury lawyers at ELG can help you with your personal injury claim. 

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