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Did You Just Hire the Wrong Lawyer?

Did you Just Hire the Wrong Lawyer

After you have hired a legal professional to help you with a suit, you are hoping this relationship will lead to your best outcome. A good Phoenix personal injury attorney will be trustworthy, a good listener, interested in you and your wellbeing, knowledgeable, a terrific communicator, and aggressive enough to put up a fight on your behalf when necessary. Not all lawyers are made the same and some are better than others. Is it possible that you could have hired a lawyer that simply isn’t a good match for you and your goals? Certainly.

Here is how to know if you have hired the wrong lawyer for your cause.

A Disconnect

If you are unable to connect with your lawyer, it is probably going to be difficult working together and, ultimately, staying on the same page. When this happens, you risk having the outcome of your case be one that doesn’t meet your expectations. It is important to get along with your attorney and to communicate well together. If this isn’t happening from the start, chances are you hired the wrong person.

Work Ethic

Every case is different and everyone’s individual needs vary. A good lawyer isn’t afraid to put the work forth to accommodate the best scenario for each case, as well as the specific needs of their client. If your lawyer isn’t working hard for you, your outcome and experience won’t be smooth, which is what you hire a lawyer for in the first place. When your lawyer doesn’t seem to be invested in you and your case, you likely have the wrong person.

Area-Specific Knowledge

There are many areas of law and to be very good at each, a lawyer must have the experience and highest amount of proficiency in their discipline as well as their jurisdiction. Hiring a divorce lawyer for a personal injury claim isn’t going to be a good match. Getting advice on Arizona law by a lawyer not licensed to practice in the state probably won’t serve your interests well. Always choose a lawyer who specializes in your area of interest.

Your Gut Tells You it Doesn’t Feel Right

Intuition is often correct. When the relationship doesn’t feel right and you don’t walk away from your meetings with the right outcome or the transaction between you and your lawyer isn’t satisfactory, it is time to search for other opportunities for legal assistance.

Personal Injury Attorneys in Phoenix 

Did you Just Hire the Wrong LawyerIt is ok to change representation when it is not working out. The Arizona accident attorneys with ELG Law are dedicated to working with clients on a customized basis and investing our efforts into you and your best interests. We aim to provide exceptional support and legal guidance by developing effective strategies that work to win cases and help those we represent during their most difficult times. When you have been in an accident that was not your fault and you need an attorney, contact either our Phoenix or Mesa, Arizona personal injury law offices at 623-562-3838.

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