Understanding Different Types of Drowning

Understanding Different Types of Drowning

Many people may be surprised to hear that drowning accidents can take a variety of different forms, all of which have unique classifications and medical considerations to take into account. Arizona’s drowning fatality rates are the seventh highest in the nation, which necessitates more extensive drowning-related knowledge from all swimmers, boaters, and other water-goers; take a moment to familiarize yourself with the five types of drowning that can occur. Wet Drowning Wet drowning is what most people think of when they [...]

How is Fault Assigned in a Rear-End Wreck?

How is Fault Assigned in a Rear-End Wreck?

If one car crashes into the back of another vehicle, the driver of the first car will most likely be found at fault for the crash. However, there may be situations when the hit driver is partially to blame. Though most may think that fault in rear-end collisions is cut and dry, some states assign partial fault, including Arizona. In these situations, the lead driver may take partial fault for a rear-end accident. Blame in a rear-end collision can be [...]

How to Drive in Bright Sunlight

Which Time of the Year is the Most Dangerous for Drivers?

Driving is always a risk because you can only control your own behavior and you cannot control unexpected hazards that appear on the road or how responsible others will be when they drive. Even though the potential for a car accident always exists, there are certain times of the year that have a higher rate of car accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, when looking at data over a 24-year period the following trends were seen: The [...]

Could Wearing Masks Make Dogs Bite?

Could Wearing Masks Make Dogs Bite?

Americans love their dogs so much so that there are close to 80 million canines living in homes across the nation. Not only are dogs beloved pets, often they are considered precious family members. With so many dogs living all over the country, the risk of suffering from a dog bite is present. There are approximately 4.7 million incidents of dog bites annually in the country and every year around 800,000 people who were bitten by a dog require [...]

How Do You Build a Strong Arizona Dog Bite Injury Claim

How Do You Build a Strong Arizona Dog Bite Injury Claim?

If you have been the victim of an Arizona dog bite then you are well aware of how terrifying the experience is. Being attacked by an animal is frightening and the injuries that those sharp teeth can inflict are excruciatingly painful. Not only is there physical pain associated with dog attacks, but the aftermath of one of these incidents can lead to long-term emotional damage, especially in children, who are one of the most vulnerable demographics for dog bites, [...]

Are Alternative Child Car Seats Worthwhile

Are Alternative Child Car Seats Worthwhile?

Taking the time to be cognizant of when you should change your child’s car seat is a smart move that will keep your child safe when they are in a car. A child’s height as well as their weight will be determining factors as to when it is time to make a change. Additionally, these factors and their age will also be used to determine when they can move from a rear-facing position to a front-facing position. After they [...]

When to Change Your Child's Car Seat

When to Change Your Child’s Car Seat

The most important thing when it comes to our children in our vehicles is their safety. Young children require specific safety seats when they are in any car. Babies quickly grow into toddlers, and then into young children and as they get bigger, their car safety requirements change. Determining when it is time to change your child’s car seat to the next level can be confusing. Consumer Reports developed a timeline for changing car seats, and also indicates that [...]

Comas are Catastrophic Injuries

Why Comas are Catastrophic Injuries

Substantial force and impact that comes from car crashes, sports accidents, slip, and fall incidents are just a few examples of the ways that a person can suffer a coma. When the brain is injured, if the brain is starved of oxygen and nutrients, or if there is an infection a person can have a coma. A coma is a terrifying condition for a victim but it is also scary for a victim’s friends and family who have to [...]

Phoenix, AZ - Two Hospitalized After Car Crash at 35th Ave & Indian School Rd

How Do Amputations Happen?

Car crashes happen so often they are the leading cause for many ailments, injuries, and deaths across the country and across all demographics. There are more than 6 million car crashes that happen each year in the United States and so it only makes sense why traffic incidents are the leading cause of personal injuries in the country. In severe accidents, there are a plethora of unfortunate outcomes that can result in many long-term implications for victims. Amputations are [...]

What are the Different Levels of a Coma

What are the Different Levels of a Coma?

If your loved one was in an accident that left them unconscious and in a coma, you are most likely worried about how long they will be incapacitated and if they will ever come to. These concerns are understandable. Many studies and intensive research has gone into looking at comas and how they manifest in people as well as how people are affected after they come out of a coma. In the most severe cases, when a victim goes [...]