Backup Auto Accidents and Their Dangers

Backup Auto Accidents and Their Dangers

When the phrase “car accident” comes to mind, most people will probably picture the remnants of a high-speed wreck, with crumpled metal and car parts strewn about. There’s another type of accident though which can result in relatively minor damage or an incredibly tragic loss of life. Even though they may not be thought of as often as high-speed crashes, accidents that occur while backing up need to be something all drivers stay aware of.

Be Cautious Driving In Parking Lots

While most automobile accidents that occur in parking lots aren’t fatal, they do still account for tens of thousands of accidents per year. Even small accidents can lead to big repair bills. Scratches, scrapes, and dents aren’t cheap; neither are broken bumpers, rear lights, and turn signals. Recovering from those damages can sometimes be trickier than you might expect depending on the insurance company. It may be worth consulting with an auto accident attorney if you find yourself in that situation.

Backup Accidents Injure Or Kill Children Every Year

Having a vehicle back into your car may be inconvenient and a bit distressing, but it pales in comparison to the real danger of backup accidents: backing over children. It’s a terrible subject to read about and discuss but backing up accidents that involve young children happen approximately 50 times per week in the United States. A majority of these accidents happen with children under 2-years-old, and larger vehicles, such as SUVs and vans, tend to be more responsible, primarily due to their larger blind spots. Of these horrible accidents, roughly 70% of them involve a parent or family member driving the vehicle involved in the accident. The horrific nature of these tragedies is ultimately was led to the 2018 legislation that mandated for all new vehicles to come equipped with back-up assist cameras.

Do Not Rely On Backup Assist Cameras

As helpful as these cameras can be, they’re not something to overly rely on. There’s no substitute for your own eyes, ears, and sense of caution. A driver should always be aware of a vehicle’s blind spots, and attempt to use mirrors and head movements to get as good a view as possible before and while backing up. Regardless of how safe things may look, a driver should always back-up slowly. Not only can this hopefully allow anyone in the way a chance to stay clear, but it can also help you minimize damage should you come into contact with an object like a pole, sign, or another vehicle. Most importantly though, always try to watch and listen for people. Negligence leading to a fender bender is one thing, but being negligent in a way that leads to serious injury is something that can change the life of you and others forever.

Call ELG Law If You’ve Been Involved In A Backing Up Accident

If you have to call an attorney due to being the victim of an accident, it is hopefully something that only involves superficial damage to your car and not physical harm to you or a loved one. Whatever the situation may be, ELG Law is here for you with a free consultation regarding your potential case. Call us at 623-321-0566 and let our team of experienced attorneys see if we can help you find the best course of action towards obtaining the settlement you deserve.