Are Pit Bulls Really a Dangerous Dog Breed?

Are Pit Bulls Really a Dangerous Dog Breed?

When the subject of dog bites is brought up, the idea of pit bulls being responsible for a number of fatal and vicious bites is not far behind. Some studies have indicated that pit bulls are responsible for 66% of the dog bite deaths that occurred between 2005 and 2017 in the United States, even though pit bulls are only 6.5% of the U.S. dog population. If that statistic is true, it’s rather damning to the entire breed. But are the statistics true, or are they skewed to put unfair blame on the breed?

Not All “Pit Bulls” Are Pit Bulls

Part of the reason why statistics on pit bull attacks are so high is that the definition of what a “pit bull” is, isn’t exactly clear. Many animal experts insist that pit bulls are not a breed of dog, but a type of dog. Due to mixed breeding and the prevalence of certain physical traits, oftentimes, dogs are identified as pit bulls even if there is little to no genetic link to the centuries-old bull-baiting dogs that were used to hunt larger animals. This artificially inflates the number of attacks attributed to these dogs and pushes the blame onto a breed, rather than the individual animal and the nature of how it was raised. Any dog, regardless of breed, needs to be properly socialized among other people and other animals.

The Danger Of Blaming Pit Bulls

If there is one danger that can truly be linked to pit bulls, it’s that the amount of attention they’ve received in the media for being a “dangerous” breed, has detracted from the very real and very important fact that all dogs can be dangerous. Regardless of breed, dogs are animals that operate off on instinct when they feel threatened. The best-trained dogs can behave wonderfully, but instinct can and will kick in if cornered, whether they’re a pit bull or a beagle. This is why you should always treat these animals with respect, regardless of your familiarity with the specific dog. However, should the circumstance arise where you are attacked by a dog without provocation, you should contact an experienced dog bite attorney as soon as possible.

Some Pit Bulls Are Quite Powerful

The American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) is a powerful dog that has a good amount of muscle and energy. These animals can generally weigh up to 60 pounds and are known to be energetic and lively. Because of these traits, an improperly trained APBT could inflict a significant amount of damage on a human being if the dog started to attack. This is in part, why when these attacks happen, they create a larger amount of media attention; the attacks can be brutal. But again, any larger animal could inflict serious damage on someone if not socialized properly. Due to the high medical costs associated with these attacks, it’s important to seek the proper legal aid, with an attorney that can help you file a lawsuit and recover from the financial strain.

Bitten By A Dog In Arizona? Call ELG Law

Even if pit bulls are not necessarily a dangerous breed, any dog bite can be a danger to your current and future physical and financial health. Arizona law requires an at-fault owner of a dog to cover the costs of an injury that their dog inflicts on you. If you’re not sure how to proceed and want to find out about your legal options, contact ELG Law for a free consultation. Call us at (623) 321-0566. Our attorneys are experienced in the field of dog bite liability and can help you fight back against the terrible effects of an unprovoked dog attack.