Are Car Accident Calculators Worth Your Time?

Are Car Accident Calculators Worth Your Time?

They are all over the internet. Calculators that tell you when you just put in a bit of information they will give you the total for a variety of things, including settlements from car accidents. The question is, are these calculators accurate?

What Is The Accuracy of A Car Accident Calculators?

Where these calculators work well are by figuring out coverage estimates, but there is no way that they can accurately provide you with a real-life settlement amount. All they can do is compute the information you put in, they don’t use data sources to find actual numbers on real payments made in similar accidents. The best they can do is provide you a total from the information you put into them. The calculator may or may not take variables into account when it is determining the total.

There are so many factors in determining the value of a claim. Property damages alone have multiple aspects that go into figuring out the costs such as:

  • Your car’s value before the accident
  • Depreciation
  • The condition it is in after the accident
  • The mileage

These are just some of the considerations. Different cars have different costs associated with their parts and labor. A luxury car will have higher costs than a less expensive small, sedan. Car calculators may only have basic information on what the average cost for a particular part and labor may be and not provide you with information that is unique to your automobile.

In the same way that targeted information is generally not given to specific car types, injury data relies on data that shows the average cost for injuries that are comparable. Injuries also have varied impacts on victims. Some victims will have their lives more impacted by specific injuries than others. 

If you work in a warehouse and you have a leg injury that prohibits you from being able to stand or walk, you may not be able to do your job and make a living with this injury. However, if you work from home on a computer, you can still earn your paycheck. It is difficult for a calculator to decipher details like this adequately enough to give you a good readout of what you may encounter in terms of a settlement.

Should You Use A Car Accident Calculator?

Are Car Accident Calculators Worth Your TimeThese calculators simply do not gather enough information to give you a reliable answer for how much you can expect in your settlement. There are so many fine points and unique circumstances that go along with each accident. These calculators cannot get into these fine details deep enough to give you a true final cost. 

The best way to have your case accurately calculated is to sit down with an Arizona serious injury attorney at ELG. We have many years of experience calculating various aspects of our clients’ cases to come to a fair settlement number that we will take to the insurance company and fight on your behalf to get.

The bilingual team of Phoenix automobile accident injury attorneys at ELG cares about preserving and protecting your rights. Call ELG at 623-562-3838 today to schedule your free consultation with one of our excellent attorneys at either one of our locations in Phoenix and Mesa, Arizona.