Aggressive Driving And Road Safety

Aggressive Driving And Road Safety

We have all had our moments where we are frustrated while on the roadway. When a driver actively engages in a dangerous fashion while on the road, this is what is considered “aggressive driving,” and it is very dangerous. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reports that aggressive driving practices and activities account for nearly half of all traffic fatalities.  

While you cannot control what others do on the road, you can make attempts to handle how you respond to situations that may cause you irritation. Here are some tips that could help you when you are driving and find yourself feeling aggravated.

Stay Calm

Should another driver on the road behave aggressively towards you, it is natural to feel like you must respond in an equally aggressive way. This is not going to help the situation, it will only worsen it and increase the dangers on the road. The best way to combat other aggressive drivers you encounter is to stay calm and relaxed, don’t engage.

There are a number of factors that can cause you to feel on edge when you are driving. Running late to your destination is one of the most common. Always give yourself plenty of time to travel so that if you are faced with a troubling situation, you aren’t overly vexed because you feel pressed for time. This extra time cushioning can help immensely improve your ability to stay calm.

Be Proactive and Alert to Others

When you are seeing another party drive in an aggressive manner, keep your distance from that vehicle. This can even mean that if you are being tailgated, your best approach is to move over in response and allow that driver to pass you and clear out of your area. Additionally, do not make any lewd gestures or participate in a hostile interaction with that driver. This includes making direct eye contact. Believe it or not, eye contact can cause an already worked up individual to take out their frustrations on you, which could put you and your passengers in imminent danger.

Be a Polite and Respectful Driver

Nobody enjoys being cut off, tailgated, honked at, or having any other offensive actions happen to them on the road. If you don’t want to be treated in a specific way while you are driving, don’t do it to others. Give yourself plenty of space between cars. When you aren’t driving with the pace of traffic, move over for faster drivers to pass. Use your turn signals. These are just a few of the things you can do to be a pleasant presence on the road and not attract the anger of another who is sharing the road with you.   

Reporting Dangerous Drivers

Aggressive Driving And Road SafetySometimes, no matter what we do there are those on the road who are extremely volatile and are driving in a manner that is very dangerous. When it appears like someone is prone to cause an accident and they aren’t stopping their aggressive behavior, calling law enforcement is your best approach to ensuring that you and everyone else in the area remain safe.  

Pull over to ensure you aren’t talking on a handheld device while driving. This could cause you to become distracted and unsafe yourself. Once safely pulled to the side of a road or parked in a parking lot, try to give as much information regarding the driver’s vehicle as you can. The color, make, model, license plate if you were able to capture it, description of the driver, or anything else you can pull that will help authorities locate the individual is helpful.

Help For Car Accidents In Arizona

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