5 Ways That Insurance Companies Fight Minor Collisions

5 Ways That Insurance Companies Fight Minor Collisions

Car accidents are a stressful, unfortunate reality of life, and dealing with the aftermath can be daunting. From dealing with injuries and time off from work to organizing the facts of the incident, collisions are a hassle, especially when it comes to negotiating with insurance companies.

In fact, some insurance companies may fight a personal injury claim after a minor collision or a low-impact car accident, classified by insurance companies as cases where the vehicles involved usually have less than $1000 in property damage. Companies may take the stance that injuries cannot occur in less serious or lower speed accidents.

However, injuries can still occur in low-impact collisions. If you’ve already been injured in a car accident in Arizona and are waiting to file a claim, contact the Phoenix car accident lawyers at ELG Law. Our team of auto accident lawyers is here to help.

Property Damage and Appraisal

After a low-impact collision, an insurance adjuster will want to focus on the property damage to your vehicle. The adjuster will want to obtain photos of your car to document any visible damage, as well as preexisting damage. Insurance adjusters will also want to get an appraisal of any damage to your vehicle.

Recorded Statements

Next, the insurance adjuster handling your claim is going to ask you specific questions. These questions are usually meant to get you to reveal information or details used to deny your claim. Always keep in mind that you do not have any legal obligation to give a recorded statement to the other drivers’ insurance companies. Only grant recorded statements in the presence of your own lawyer.

Background Information

Insurance adjusters can search various databases and attempt to show that you’ve filed fraudulent insurance claims, including the National Insurance Crimes Bureau or the ISO Claimsearch. Avoid giving your social security number to the adjuster, which makes acquiring your background information much easier.


Low-impact or lower speed accident claims usually have a low settlement value, at least from the insurance adjuster’s perspective. Many people who have been involved in an accident may believe that personal injury attorneys won’t litigate these smaller accident cases due to their lower valuation and the expense to file, so an insurance adjuster will try to make a lower offer to settle your case.

Wait and Delay

Finally, insurance adjusters can try to wait and delay your case. Insurance companies know that you can’t delay your case or want to avoid delays, especially when injuries are involved. When insurance companies attempt to delay, they’re attempting to force you to compromise and lower their eventual claim settlements.

Car Accident Lawyer in Phoenix

The best way to ensure your accident claim is successful is to stick with the facts and consult your attorney. Even if you’ve sustained injuries in a low-impact collision, contact your attorney as soon as possible to review your options. Your lawyer will help you organize the facts of your case and act as a liaison to insurance companies, making the process smooth and stress-free.

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