5 Types of Successful Car Accident Cases

5 Types of Successful Car Accident Cases

Car accidents are frightening, especially when they involve injuries and property damage. And unfortunately, serious car wrecks are common, with more than 36,000 accident injuries across Arizona in 2018 alone.

You may feel overwhelmed after an accident and daunted by the hassle of pursuing a car accident case or dealing with insurance companies that don’t have your best interest in mind.

If you’ve been injured in an accident in Arizona, contact the Phoenix car accident attorneys at the ELG Law. Our team of auto accident lawyers is here to help you pursue your claim and learn more about car accident cases that are the most likely to be successful.

Rear-End Accidents

Of the multi-vehicle crashes that occur in Arizona, most are rear-end collisions. These types of accident cases are more likely to be successful for the driver who was rear-ended. Even if the insurance company has taken the opposite position after examining fault, you can bring a claim. Due to the nature of the accident, drivers who rear-end other drivers are generally determined to be at fault due to distracted driving, failure to allow proper response time, or failure to keep a safe driving distance.

Passenger Injuries

Passenger injury cases are usually successful since vehicle passengers can’t be at fault in an auto accident. If you bring an injury claim against the driver any vehicles involved, you are likely to be successful.

Failure to Yield

Drivers who collide with another car after failing to yield are found at fault. For example, you will most likely be successful in a car accident claim where another driver turned left in front of your car. Drivers turning left must yield to all oncoming traffic, per Arizona state law. If another driver does not yield, they will be assigned at least partial fault in an auto accident.

Pedestrian Accident

If a vehicle hits you while you’re properly crossing a roadway, you can bring a successful accident case. Pedestrians in a crosswalk who are observing traffic signals have the right of way against oncoming traffic.

Bicycle Accident

Similarly, if you’re riding a bike and observing traffic laws when a car hits you, you can make a successful accident claim. Your chances of a successful claim increase if you were riding in the same direction as the flow of traffic. Your chances of success also increase if you were riding in the proper area, whether it’s the road or the sidewalk. As long as you followed the applicable traffic laws, you have a good chance of winning your accident case.

Car Accident Lawyer in Phoenix

If you’ve sustained injuries in an auto accident, contact your personal injury attorney to review your options. Your lawyer can work as your liaison and help you organize the facts of your case, making your recovery stress-free.

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