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5 Tips to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents in Phoenix

5 Tips To Avoid Motorcycle Accidents In Phoenix

As fun as motorcycles can be to ride, there are certain risks involved in driving them that other motorists don’t have to be as aware of. Granted, there are risks involved with driving any type of vehicle, but a person in a car has a windshield, a dashboard, and a metal frame surrounding and protecting them; a motorcyclist has a bit of their bike and any protective gear they’re wearing. As the old adage goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure; something that holds true with both medicine and crash prevention. If you’re going to be riding your motorcycle in and around the Phoenix area, here are some tips to be aware of in order to help you try and avoid an accident.

  • Avoid the Heat – Motorcyclists are encouraged to wear thicker clothing in order to protect their skin should they fall off their bike, but this same clothing can make the heat feel even worse. The same applies to helmets. Even though they’re not legally required for riders over the age of 17, the use of helmets is strongly encouraged to reduce the risk of injury. Heat exhaustion is a real danger that can cause you to lose control of your bike or even lose consciousness. If the Arizona heat is getting too much to handle, play it safe and don’t ride.
  • Stay Wary Of Larger Vehicles – When a motorcycle is involved in an accident with a vehicle like a car or truck, it’s usually the fault of the car or truck for the accident. A large part of this is tied to how much smaller motorcycles are and therefore, how other drivers are less aware of them. If you’re riding a motorbike around other vehicles, don’t assume that the other drivers are aware of your presence. Drive defensively and be extra cautious around other motorists. Should you find yourself the victim of an accident involving another vehicle, you may want to contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney.
  • Watch For Animals – Arizona is blessed with a rich array of wildlife. As sad as it can be to hit one of these creatures, it can be even worse if you get injured, too. Depending on the speed at which you’re traveling, hitting a roadrunner or a small rodent could affect your control over your ride. Hitting a larger animal like a coyote or bobcat is even more dangerous, as you’ll likely be ejected from your ride. Double-check your peripheral vision and watch out for animals whether they be out in the wild, or domestic ones within the city.
  • Experience Is Key – This largely applies to novice riders but it’s still important. The more you ride, the better you’re likely to become at it. Experience plays a large role in a motorcyclist knowing how to react to certain situations that could potentially lead to an accident. If you’ve never experienced rush hour traffic before and suddenly find yourself stuck in it, it can be a harrowing experience at first. Even situations like driving in the rain present unique challenges to a rider with how the bike may handle in that weather. Drive with extra caution in new situations and use them as a learning experience.
  • Don’t Speed – Speed limits may seem like just a frustrating regulation, but their existence is important in trying to prevent accidents. Higher speeds lead to an increase in stopping distance and reaction time. Motorcycles may be more maneuverable than a car, but all it takes is one mistake to go tumbling along the road, where that high speed is going to impact your body even harder. Likewise, if you’re the victim of the actions of a speeding motorist, contact an Arizona attorney who may be able to help you with the cost of your injuries.

Motorcycle Accidents Can Be Devastating: Know What Attorneys To Call

Any kind of vehicular crash can cause terrible injuries to the parties involved. Motorcycle crashes though leave the rider or riders exposed to a greater number of dangers, especially if they’re not wearing helmets. As noted earlier, many motorists are less likely to notice a motorcycle than a larger vehicle. Accidents can happen even if you work to avoid them, which is when you can turn to ELG Law for help. Call us at 623-321-0566 for a free consultation. We can’t undo the results of an accident, but we can try to get you a settlement to help you cover your medical bills and get your life back in order. 


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